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Astrology, A Special Tool For Personal Empowerment

As the Ancient Chaldean Priests studied the starry night, they noticed correlations between the positions of the planets and specific events. As they studied the sky further, they realized that the same eclipses in the same sign, or the same aspects (angle between two planets) created similar effects. Thus, was born Astrology (astro-logos: the language of the stars)...

Its destiny was to be as diverse as it was controversial. Banned by many religions who feared its wisdom would usurp their status as the “revealers of divine will”, it was also ridiculed due to misconceptions about free will versus destiny, or discounted as mere fantasy. But because its wisdom could not be denied, it survived the Ages, and was taught in Universities, as well as respected and studied by some of the greatest minds in history, including Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Einstein. To his dismay, the famous French statistician, Michel Gauquelin, who initially set out to disprove astrology, ended up corroborating some of its most important tenants handed down through the centuries.

This ageless science is a precious tool for personal empowerment. Based on the exact date, time, and place of birth, it provides a very precise map to literally every area of one’s life. It also enables to determine the ultimately successful date to launch any venture, whether it is buying a house, investing in or selling real estate or stocks, getting engaged or married.

Does this mean that we are just puppets, bound by the stars? Absolutely not. However, the less we know about ourselves, the more enslavement we risk. The Ancient Mystery Schools kept reminding us: “Man, know thyself”. Knowledge is power. Power tempered with wisdom, clears the path to freedom. The more we study ourselves and understand the strengths and the weaknesses we chose to enter this life with, the more we have a chance of truly becoming all that we are. For example, a teenage girl with Saturn, which rules thresholds, restrictions, authority, karma, in the Vth house of play, creativity and love affairs, could be excessively shy, lacking in spontaneity and popularity, critical of her own artistic expression. A mature adult with the exact same astrological signature, would be able to structure her creativity to become a prosperous professional artist, successful, if she so wanted, at working with children. It is our choices, coupled with our consciousness of our patterns revealed by our astrological chart, that establish our adventure in life.

After reading several astrology manuals, it may seem that the associations (archetypes, professions, plants, musical notes, flavors, colors, minerals, metals, locations, textures, shapes...) assigned to each sign and planet are so vast in range as to be completely arbitrary. If we go back to re-discovering the basic symbolism of the planets and signs by observing nature, we shall realize that there is a very specific logic, and indeed wisdom, to the “architecture of life”. Is it that surprising that actors, fools, and politicians should all be ruled by Jupiter?

Would we dream of randomly driving around in the hope to find the address we are looking for? Of course not. Yet, that’s exactly what we do with our lives when we don’t study the blue-print we were handed at birth. Astrology has been, and still is, the fastest and most comprehensive way of fully understanding ourselves and others, leading to the true empowerment that gives ultimate freedom.

Understanding Our Relationships Through Astrology

We all aspire to happiness, and finding this one perfect love that will fulfill all of our romantic dreams. Yet relationships have become an area of endless confusion. Being married may still be a goal for many, but very few manage the life-long commitment that our great-grand parents seemed able to sustain. Society has changed incredibly rapidly in the last few decades, transforming our needs and our demands accordingly. Being just happy and comfortable emotionally, may not be enough anymore...

As the slow moving planets progressed through the signs, entire generations revealed that there were different ways of living relationships. Those born with Neptune in Libra, for example, between 1943 and 1957, let to the dissolution of strict family structures, and the emergence of the hippy movement, communal living, peace and love, as well as drugs as a way to reach other dimensions within. When Pluto transited in Scorpio between 1983 and 1995, among other consciousness breakthroughs, we heard about AIDS, and for the first time started asking ourselves questions about the consequences of sexual freedom. And tantra, as a practice integrating spirituality with sexuality became more popular in the Western World.

On a personal level, the mathematical calculation of the positions of the planets at our birth, based on its date, exact time, and place, reveal our unique road to emotional bliss. The positions of the Moon, Venus, and Mars indicate with great precision the kind of lover we are, our specific emotional needs, what makes us feel nurtured (a Moon in Sagittarius for example, will feel greatly nurtured by someone offering a plane ticket to some exotic country, while a Moon in Capricorn will feel nurtured by someone supporting his work and professional ambitions), the type of person we shall be most naturally drawn to and in harmony with, the equilibrium we need to find between intimacy and freedom, possible sacrificial tendencies, unrealistic expectations, possessiveness, or lack of, commitment fears, emotional imbalances, conditioning and so many specific character traits that determine our ease or difficulty in creating the relationship we desire. Someone with a Moon in Cancer in the VIIth house of marriage in Taurus, will be happiest married, with children. While someone with an Aquarian VIIth house and a Venus in Sagittarius trining (a 120º angle) Uranus (the planet of disruption, originality and rebelliousness) could feel very trapped in the traditional version of marital bliss, and would find fulfillment in exciting affairs with younger mates, who are either well traveled, or foreigners, identifying love with friendship and intellectual stimulation.

There is no random encounter, just opportunities for growth. In our need to heal and evolve, we attract mates whose natal charts touch ours in ways meant to open us to more dimensions within ourselves. The astrology of relationships is a very fascinating, profound, as well as complex area of study showing that there is not just one universally correct way to create happiness. Knowing our specific emotional make-up can save us unnecessary heartbreaks, and lead us faster to our destined mate in the Age of Aquarius, which is said by legends, to herald the time when spirit-partners, created one at the beginning of times, shall be re-united.

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