Personal Astrological Reports by Email

Written reports of your personal astrological charts, created by Michelle Karén

Based on your personal birth data, therefore, unique to you, these computerized written reports are extremely valuable on their own, or as a companion to an actual live reading with Michelle Karén.

To purchase a written astrological report please click here

Astrological Readings by Phone/Skype

A full chart reading that may involve your Relationship Chart, Solar Return, Relocation Chart, Election Chart, or Astro-Cartography.

To purchase a reading, please click ‘Purchase’ and kindly fill out the form with your birth details and then you will be asked to make payment.

In French or English:

Personal Reading (60 Mins)



Personal Reading (30 Mins)



Reading including a Relationship:

Personal Reading + Relationship 60 Minutes



Personal Reading + Relationship 30 Minutes



Payable using credit card via Paypal (kindly note you do not need to have a Paypal account)