Since the beginning of time, Man has searched for signs to unravel the meaning of his destiny. Looking into the sky, an order seemed to exist, patterns that could not have just randomly emerged out of the void. He looked around him: the fields, the plants, the rocks, the rivers, the mountains, the valleys. He saw the succession of seasons, of day and night, of light and darkness, of heat and cold. He saw fire, earth, air and water. He saw the colors of the rainbow and the magic of light.

The wisdom of nature was operating within him, guiding him towards the basic laws of his own life. Illuminating the night, the millions of stars filled him with fear and awe, awakening a deeper desire to uncover the secrets of his existence. When he started studying the movement of the planets, parallels with human affairs began to emerge, too many and far too precise to be attributed to mere coincidences. Hence, astrology -the language of the stars- was born.

The Data Needed To Establish An Astrological Chart

A reading is mathematically based on the: Date of birth Place of birth Time of birth as exact as possible. If you don't know your time of birth, a precise reading is still possible based on what is called the "sunrise chart", the moment of dawn. Astrology considers the beginning of any entity -be it a person, or a project- as the determinant point of reference. It could be likened to the seed already containing the potential of the whole plant. The data enables the Astrologer to establish the person’s birth chart: his/her map of the heavens, as unique to that person as his/her fingerprints.

It reveals:

The rising sign (Ascendant): the degree and minute of the zodiac that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth determining the physical features of the person. The position of the ten planets (including the Sun and the Moon): each symbolic of a function of the psyche. The position of the twelve houses: each describing an area of life experience. The aspects: angular distances between the planets.

Why Have A Reading?

An astrological reading is the most precise tool for personal empowerment. It reveals EVERYTHING about a person. Psychotherapy could take years. In just one hour, a reading provides the precise map to our strengths, weaknesses, emotional needs, gifts, fears, instinctive and conditioned responses, the parents we had, the kind of partners we are attracted to... Having an astrological reading is comparable to studying a map to figure out the fastest and most efficient way of reaching a given address. Any other way, would be similar to just driving around just HOPING to get there.

When Should We Have A Reading?

  • When we have lost our sense of purpose or wonder what’s the meaning of it all.

  • When we are starting a new relationship to find out our compatibility and how to deal positively with the strengths and weaknesses inherent to our link with that person.

  • Whenever we DON’T have a relationship and wonder why as well as when it is coming and who would be best suited to us.

  • When we need to understand better our children, our spouse, our boss, our employee, our pets, ourselves....

  • When we are considering a move and may be hesitating between several locations or want to know our destiny in the new place chosen

  • When we are wondering if the career we’re in is really the best for us.

  • When we are considering a career change and want to figure out the right timing

  • When we need to schedule the launching of a new project, or business

  • When we need to determine the best date for a surgery, the launch of a business, a move, a wedding....

  • When we want to dig deeper into the meaning of why we chose the circumstances of our present incarnation and what the essence of our past lives may have been.

  • When we just want to know what’s coming next, understand the cycles we’re in and how long they’re going to last.

  • When our birthday is approaching, to discover the challenges and gifts our personal year has in store for us (Solar Return chart: starting at the time the Sun in the heavens reaches the exact same degree and minute it had at our birth).

Session Topics

A full chart reading usually involves some or all of the following topics depending on your needs and concerns:

Relationship Chart

Compatibility of two people including: Their birth charts, Their transits for the next 2 years.

Solar Return

Birthday chart, Transits for the next two years, Planetary cycles, and Secondary Progressions.

Relocation Chart

For any new location(s) you may be considering moving to.

Election Chart

Determining the best time to get married, move, change careers, start a new business....


Determining the best cities in the world for success in career, financial matters and love.

Phone/Skype Appointments Only

Kindly note that all readings are conducted strictly by phone or Skype. Michelle will advise you of the phone number/Skype name when she confirms your appointment.

Please note that recordings via Skype are not possible, unless you have your own recording device.

Please understand that missed appointments are non-refundable.


A recorded session (phone only) will be e-mailed to you as an MP3 file, as well as your charts, your astro•cartography maps and the explanation on how to read them, about an hour following the reading.


In French or English:

Personal Reading (60 Mins)



Personal Reading (30 Mins)



With Relationship Reading included

60 Min Personal Reading with Relationship Reading



30 Min Personal Reading with Relationship Reading



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