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Spiritual Fair 2018, Helsinki, Finland

  • Hengen Ja Tiedon Messut 2018 Isonnevantie 8 Helsinki Finland (map)

Free lecture on Sunday October 14 from 12 to 1 PM (Main Hall):

Initiated by the Q'eros, Michelle Karén will talk about her mystical journeys to Peru, as well as her personal experiences with those Master Shamans.

Descendants of the Inkas, when the Conquistadores invaded Peru, the Q'eros retreated to the high glaciers where, in isolation from the world, they kept their traditions alive for over 500 years. 

In 1954, Altamesayok Don Manuel Quispe had a dream that if his tribe did not share their knowledge with some of us, little Brothers and Sisters, the world would go to oblivion. They then descended from the mountains of chose some of us to be initiated.

After an unusual meeting in Pisaq with Altamesayok Doña Maria (the only women of 3 in the world), a dream and a head-on train collision in the jungle, Michelle Karén was blessed to be chosen. She became the God Mother of 3 Q'ero children in a traditional hair cutting ceremony, and was shown the ancient ways of the Q'eros.

This impacted her so profoundly that she has kept returning every year to Peru for now over a decade, realizing that this tradition is very much alive and in constant evolution, adapting beautifully to the increasing demands and pressures of our modern lives.



Workshop on Sunday October 14 from 2 to 4 PM (Room 3D):

Michelle will share ancient but very practical tools to face efficiently, with ease and elegance, the challenges of our modern life. She will teach us how to open sacred space, talk about the power of altars and initiate us into the journeying process, as well as the understanding of our night dreams.

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