Mystical tour to the South-East part of Finland

With Finnish born Michelle Karén 

Numerous times, over the past years, have I been asked when I would offer a mystical journey to Finland. My native country being deeply sacred to me, it took time for the idea to germinate in my heart. I spent most of my childhood there and no matter where I live in the world, the need to return to the “end of land” for the nourishment of my soul and deeper inner discoveries, is ever present. 

It is with excitement that I am now opening this very secret part of myself to you all. 

Finland being such a vast country, a selection had to be made. In the light of all the events involving Russia both for my country and the world, it became clear to my Finnish friend Stina, who is assisting me in this adventure, and myself, that the South Eastern part of Finland was the most magical area to begin with.

The central theme of this trip is an exploration of the Kalevala, the most ancient and significant work of the Finnish culture, the ancestral epic story of the Finns that is filled with shamanic wisdom and profound cosmic mysteries. 

Each day, we shall explore a deeper aspect of the secret, alchemical meaning of the Kalevala. A hermetical text that has attracted the attention of scholars from around the world, it holds great significance for the crossroads humanity is now reaching. We can all benefit from the consciousness hidden in its pages.

During these 12 days, we shall stay in 3 or 4-star hotels - including Boutique Hotels, Manor Houses, a Spa Resort and even a Monastery! We will travel by luxury bus, tramway and ferry boat. From pre-historic rock paintings to modern architecture, we shall explore various aspects of the spiritual history of Finland, as well as its stunning, pristine nature, its islands, forests, lakes, and rivers. We shall further our quest in monasteries, ancient wooden churches and traditional villages, and perform ceremonies among birch trees and ancient boulders, overlooking the sparkling Baltic Sea. 

Kindly note that this mystical journey is limited to 16 people.
No previous knowledge in shamanism or astrology is required.


  • Thursday Aug 26, 2021
    Arrival in Helsinki (kindly note that your flight from your home to Helsinki, arrival in Helsinki on Thursday August 26, must be booked by you). Catch a taxi or the metro to our hotel in Helsinki (paid by you). If you wish to arrive a day earlier to rest, Michelle will book an extra night for your comfort.


  • Wednesday September 6, 2021
    Flight from Helsinki to your home any time Wednesday (booked by you).

Weather in Finland:

August: 19ºC -11ºC/ 66 F-52F

September: 14ºC-6ºC/57F-43F

Day 1, Thursday August 26, 2021 (Taxi)

  • Arrival at Vantaa international airport. Train (5 Euros) or taxi (about 40 Euros) to our hotel in the center of Helsinki.


Night 1 (of 4) in Helsinki city center.

Day 2, Friday August 27 (Helsinki city walk)

Temppeliaukio Church

  • Temppeliaukio Church (rock church) that combines nature with spirit.

  • National Museum filled with the riches of Finland’s history from medieval times to the XIXth century.

  • Stroll down the Esplanadi to the colorful Seaside Market.

  • Visit the Helsinki and Uspenski Cathedrals.

  • Mai Niemi’s Finnish fairytale shop whose unique designs are inspired by the Kalevala and the magic of the Finnish forests.

  • Welcome dinner at the Savotta restaurant by the Senate Square, a typical Finnish restaurant serving delicious Lappish traditional food.

Night 2 (of 4) in Helsinki city center (B, D)

Day 3: Saturday August 28 (Helsinki city walk/ ferry)

Toy House

  • Ferry to the fortress of Suomelinna, one of Unesco’s World Heritage sites which has defended 3 countries: Finland, Sweden and Russia from invaders.

  • The Toy House with its incredible collection of dolls. The story of the Moomins and ancient Finnish fairytales.

  • Ceremony in Suomelinna with Michelle. 

  • The new Oodi library

  • The music house and the importance of the Kantele in the Kalevala, as well as the deeper meaning of the runes.

Night 3 (of 4) in Helsinki city center (B)

Day 4: Sunday August 29 (Bus/Espoo nature walk) 

  • Haltia Nuuksio (the Finnish Nature center) in Espoo where we shall do a nature walk to feel the enchantment of the Finnish forests

  • The home of the famous Finnish painter Gallen Kallela where we shall enter deeper into the magic of the Kalevala, and become further acquainted with Väinämöinen, the hero God of ancient times who was born to a Virgin, in the womb of whom he remained several hundred years…

Night 4 (of 4) in Helsinki city center (B)

Day 5: Monday August 30 (Bus/City and Nature Walk)


  • Drive to the XIVth century town of Porvoo famous for its key role in the independence of Finland. Walk in the old city.

  • Drive to Ruotsinpyhtää. A picturesque village from the 1800s with its beautiful red old houses, octagonal church and traditional iron forges. It will help us understand the central plot of the epic poem of the Finns, featuring the mysterious magic Sampo.

  • Visit the imperial fishing lodge in Langinkoski  (built by the Tsar in 1889), one of Finland’s treasured sites.

  • Water ceremony.

  • Drive to Kotka. In Vellamo, we shall discover the central importance of boats, fishing and maritime life in the ancient Finnish culture, very present in the Kalevala.

1 Night in Kotka at a Manor House (B)

Day 6: Tuesday August 31 (Bus/City Walk)



  • Drive to The Fortress of Lappeenranta, the gateway between the East of Finland and the West of Russia. 

  • Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God in Lappeenranta. In the idyllic and serene atmosphere of the oldest orthodox church in Finland (XVIIIth century) we shall reach deeper levels of meditation.

  • Punkaharju where the waters divide. One of the most beautiful and unique locations in Finland where we shall explore the magic and sacredness of the Finnish lakes, also central in the Kalevala.

  • Group Dinner (included).

Night 1 (of 2) in Punkaharju at the oldest State Hotel in Finland (Renovated in 2016) (B,D)

Day 7: Thursday September 1 (Bus/City and Nature Walk)

Olavinlinna castle

Olavinlinna castle

  • Free morning or an optional 3km nature walk in Punkaharju, or sauna by the lake.

  • Olavinlinna castle in Savolinna, the thick walls of which were always a symbol of protection for the local population.

  • Savolinna market.

  • Kerimäki: a spectacular example of unique architecture. The largest wooden church in the world, rumored to have been created by accident.

Rest of the day FREE. Enjoy spa treatments!

Optional evening collective unisex sauna, the mystical dark, hot womb where the Finns are born, give birth, make their important decisions and die.

Night 2 (of 2) in Punkaharju (B)

Day 8: Friday September 2 (Bus/Free Morning)

New Valamo Monastery

  • Free morning in Punkaharju to enjoy the lake/sauna.

  • Drive to the New Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi, the resting place of the miracle icon accountable for many physical healings, the stories of which Michelle will share

  • Tour of the Monastery

  • Ceremony by the healing waters

  • Optional evening service in the Monastery

  • Dinner in the Monastery (included)

1 Night in the Valamo Monastery of the healing Madonna (B, D)

Day 9: Saturday September 3 (Bus/Nature & City walk)

  • Optional early morning service in the Monastery.

  • Drive to Juva. Nature walk to the angels’ nests (enkelinpesä) where we shall discover more about the Sami people and their ancient shamanic traditions.

  • Drive to Mikkeli and its market.

  • Coffee in Kenkävero (old vicarage).

  • XIVth century stone sacristy (oldest building in Mikkeli) telling biblical stories through a series of paintings dedicated to illiterate church-goers. We shall also explore how many aspects of the birth of Christ are mirrored in the Kalevala even though its chants were never inspired by the Catholic Church.

  • Group Dinner (included).

1 Night in Mikkeli by Lake Saimaa (B, D)

Day 10: Sunday September 4 (Bus/Nature & City Walk)

  • Drive to Riistina where we shall discover the Astuvansalmi ancient rock paintings. A very ancient ceremonial site. It will help us understand further the old shamanic rituals and their deep connection to the spirits of nature. We shall also discover the importance of elks and their special symbolism and encounter Tellervo, the Creator Goddess from the Kalevala mythology.

  • Drumming journey to the underworld

  • Drive to Kouvola: visit of the Holy Cross Church.

  • Return to Helsinki.

Night 1 (of 2) at Helsinki City Center hotel (B)

Day 11: Monday September 5 (Tram/Ferry/ Free day!)

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

  • Ferry boat at 9 am. 2h15 min over the Baltic Sea among its myriad of tiny islands.

  • Free day in Tallinn (Estonia). A magnificent medieval town with tons of history and architectural magic.

  • Return by boat at 6:30 pm, arriving in Helsinki approximately 9 pm.

  • Goodbye buffet-dinner on the boat (included).

Night 2 (of 2) at Helsinki City Center Hotel (B, D)

Day 12: Tuesday September 6, Vantaa airport 

  •  Depart for home (kindly note that the taxi or metro to the airport is at your own cost)


Included in the price of the trip:

  • Hotels (single - extra supplement, or double-shared rooms)

  • All the breakfasts (at our hotel)

  • 5 dinners (Welcome/Punkaharju/Monastery/Mikkeli/Goodbye on ferry-boat)

  • Luxury Buses

  • Tramway

  • Ferries

  • Entrance to the various sites

  • Ceremonies 

  • Tips

Is NOT included in the price of the trip:

  • Flight from home to Helsinki and back

  • Taxi to/from airport

  • All the lunches

  • Coffee breaks

  • Dinners except for 5 (Welcome/Punkaharju/Monastery/Mikkeli/Goodbye).

  • Drinks

  • Spa treatments/spa entry

Price & Payment Plan

For the whole trip 12 days and 11 nights - Double occupancy

$4500* USD (if paid in full at the time of booking)

$ 4700* USD (if paid using the 5 installment plan)

Suggested Payment Plan (USD):

  • $940 - Deposit

  • $940 - April 2021

  • $940 - May 2021

  • $940 - June 2021

  • $940 - Final deadline: July 15 2021

Kindly note that the last day for registration is July 15, 2021.

Please add:

  • $750* USD if you wish to have a single room (subject to availability).

Cancellation Policy

*kindly note that all these payments are non-refundable.