Peru & Bolivia Trip 2019 Itinerary


  • Tuesday Oct 29, 2019
    Arrival in Lima (kindly note that your flight from your home to Lima, arrival in Lima on October 29, must be booked by you)
    You will be picked up personally by an assigned chauffeur who will be carrying a sign with your full name at the Jorge Chavez international airport and transported by taxi or mini-van to our hotel in Miraflores (please note that depending on your time of arrival, there may be a small extra charge for your taxi ride to our hotel). If you wish to arrive a day earlier (recommended) to rest, Michelle will book an extra night for your comfort.


  • Saturday November 16, 2019
    Return from Juliaca airport (Peru) late morning (around 11 AM) booked by Michelle as part of the whole trip. Arrival in Lima around 3 PM on Nov 16. Flight from Lima to your home (either on Saturday November 16 after 6 PM or Sunday November 17, after midnight- around 1 AM) booked by you.

Weather in Peru: Weather in Peru during October/November (spring, dry season):

  • In Lima: high 72-74 F (21-23ºC)/ low 59-60 F (15-17ºC) at sea level

  • in Cusco: high 69 F (21ºC)/ low 43 F (6ºC)
    At an altitude of 11,000 feet (3,352 m)

  • on Lake Titicaca: high 65-66 F (18-19ºC)/ low 34-35 F (1-2ºC)
    At an altitude of 12,507 feet (3,851 m)




  • Day 1, Tuesday October 29: arrival in Lima (international flight booked by you). A chauffeur with a sign with your name on it, will be waiting for you at the Jorge Chavez international airport. Overnight in Miraflores. (Kindly note that depending on your time of arrival, there may be a small extra charge for the taxi). Overnight in Lima (Miraflores).

  • Day 2, Wednesday October 30: Travel by bus to Ica, fly over the Nazca Lines followed by a visit of Dr Cabrera's mysterious stone museum. Overnight in the Huacachina oasis. Breakfast (B), Lunchbox (LB) and welcome Dinner (D) included.



  • Day 3, Thursday October 31: Return to Lima by bus. Bus to San Pedro de Casta. Adaptation to the altitude. Overnight in San Pedro de Casta (B + LB +D).

  • Day 4, Friday November 1: Horse ride to Macahuasi and visit this extraordinary site until sunset. Overnight in San Pedro de Casta (B+LB+D).

  • Day 5, Saturday November 2: Early morning return by bus to Lima. Early afternoon flight to Cusco (included in the trip). Overnight in Cusco (B+LB).




  • Day 6, Sunday November 3: Free day in Cusco. Optional visits to the magical poncho store, the San Pedro Market, the various museums (Korikancha, cathedrals, chocolate museum, Inka museum, Pre-Colombian museum etc…) (B+D)

  • Day 7, Monday November 4: Tambomachay, Ceremony and initiation in the Q'enco Temple with Don Modesto and Santusa. Sacsaywaman. Kusilluchayoc. Overnight in Cusco (B+LB).

  • Day 8, Tuesday November 5: Ceremony in the Falcon Temple with Don Pascual, Santusa and Don Modesto. Pisaq market. Shaman store. Overnight in Urubamba (B+LB).

  • Day 9, Wednesday November 6: Ceremony with Santusa and Don Modesto in Killarumiyoc followed by an exploration of Moray. In Chinchero, visit a community of women who keep the traditional ways of weaving and dying lama wool, alive. Overnight in Urubamba (B+LB at the Huaypo Lake).


  • Day 10, Thursday November 7: Early morning visit of the Temple in Ollantaytambo. Train to Aguas Calientes. Visit Machu Picchu until 5 PM. Overnight in Aguas Calientes. Hot Springs optional (B+LB).




  • Day 11, Friday November 8: Choice between climbing Huayna Picchu, going to the Sun Gate, exploring the Inka Bridge, meditating on your own in Machu Picchu, and/or soaking in the natural hot springs in Aguas Calientes. Return by train to Ollantaytambo. Overnight in Cusco (B+LB).

  • Day 12, Saturday November 9: Leisure day in Cusco for shopping at the San Pedro market, visiting the museums or resting, with the option of private sessions with Don Nicolas, Santusa or Don Modesto ($80 for 50 minutes). Overnight in Cusco (B+D).




  • Day 13, Sunday November 10: Bus from Cusco to Puno. Visit the Tipon temple. Ceremony with Michelle at the Wiracocha Temple. Andhuaylillas (ET mummy), including a meeting with the anthropologist who discovered it. Overnight in Chicuito overlooking lake Titicaca (B+LB).

  • Day 14, Monday November 11: Fire ceremony early AM. A tour of the picturesque market of the locals. Meditation at the Aramu Muru Door (the temple of the 5th dimension). Exploration of the burial site of Molloco. Overnight in Chucuito (B+L).



  • Day 15, Tuesday November 12: Bus to Copacabana. Boat to the Moon Island. Ceremony. Boat to the Sun Island. The Fountain of Youth. Overnight in an ecolodge with a spectacular view of Lake Titicaca on the Sun Island (B+LB+D).

  • Day 16, Wednesday November 13: Magical sunrise in the haunting silence and morning golden colors of the Sun Island. Temple of the Sun. Heart of the Puma. Return by boat to Copacabana. Bus to Tihuanaku. Overnight in Tihuanaku (B+LB+D).


  • Day 17, Thursday November 14: Visit the extra-terrestrial cities in Tiwanaku and Puma Punku. Return by bus to Chucuito through the Peruvian border (B+L).




  • Day 18. Friday November 15: Boat to the Floating Islands. Beach ceremony on the serene Taquile Island. The fertility temple in Chicuito. Overnight in Chucuito overlooking Lake Titicaca (B+L+farewell D).




  • Day 19, Saturday November 16: Sillustani. Ceremony. Juliaca airport to Lima international airport (included). International flights back home (booked by you) (B).