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Yachay-Munay-Llank’ay School of Shamanic studies, level II (the West), Phoenix AZ

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Don Pascual is a powerful indigenous shaman from the Q'ero tradition in Peru, said to be the direct descendants of the Inkas. After the invasion of the Conquistadores, these Elders, keepers of the ancient wisdom, retreated into the glaciers where they remained untouched by civilization until 1954 when Don Manuel Quispe had a dream that these traditions had to be shared with non-indigenous people in order for humanity to evolve towards its highest destiny.

Don Pascual was chosen by lightning. After his miraculous survival, he was placed in a cave and  personally trained by Don Manuel Quispe. He is today one of the most powerful Pacos of this tradition.

Over a decade ago, on Christmas eve, I found myself  in a head-on collision of two trains in the jungle of Peru. As I was staying in Cusco, waiting for the friend I was traveling with, to recover from three broken ribs, Don Pascual showed up in my life and started initiating me. He asked me to become the Godmother of one of his children. Since then, our collaboration has grown increasingly closer through yearly trips to the Apus (mountains) of this sacred land, and deeper personal inner work in the Q'ero tradition.

One day, as he was working on me, he unexpectedly told me to start a school. I am now happy to announce the 2nd level (the West) of the Yachay-Munay-Llank'ay School of Shamanic Studies in Phoenix, AZ.

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Yachay is the principle of learning, knowing and remembering...

Munay is the principle of deep abiding, impersonal love that comes from the heart and permeates all that is….

Llank'ay is the principle of life, work, performing ceremonies and healing...

During these 5 days of studies in the WEST we shall review some aspects of the South and move on to the practice of fearlessness, non-doing, certainty and non-engagement. We shall learn to walk with death and make death our ally. We shall die consciously, do soul retrievals and work with our shadow. We shall also perform different types of entity extractions.

As, in the South, to honor the ancient ways, the program is fixed but not rigid, and will very much depend on your specific needs.

I shall make this ancestral wisdom clearer and more accessible to our Western consciousness, as well as share the ancient myths of creation and the cosmology of the Q'ero tradition.

The teachings will be in English. Kindly note that in order to graduate and become a practitioner yourself, you will need to take all 4 levels (South (done!), West February 2019, North September 26-30 2019, East March 2020).


- comfortable clothes (no white please!).

- flat, closed shoes.


- a fabric bag

- a pad of paper + a pen

- your rattle

- your mesa

- 3 stones: 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 black (they will become your West mesa stones)

- your pendulum

- your drum if you have one

- your feathers if you have some

- clear Vogel extraction crystal (


LODGING:  I suggest you google: Ahwatukee Foothills Vacation Rentals  (zip code 85045). Renting a little apartment which you can share with another, will be cheaper than staying in a hotel. But if you prefer a hotel, La Quinta on Chandler is a nice, clean, comfortable, medium priced option, please click here for details.

FOOD: I shall provide high frequency water, tea, coffee and cookies for the breaks. In order to not break the momentum of the teaching, organic, gluten-free lunch boxes are available for an extra $88 for the 5 days. Starting on February 27 + every evening during class, please e-mail me your selection for the next day from the Perfect Pear Bistro, please click here for the menu

Looking forward to journeying through the West with you!

In munay.

Shaman School Feb 2019 - West - Full Payment


Shaman School Feb 2019 - West - 4 Instalments

$365 x 4 payments

Please select Instalment Number