Astrology and Shamanism

In my view, shamanism and astrology complement each other perfectly. They enrich each other in invaluable ways. Astrology provides the map with specific planetary cycles and precise dates. Through working with the sacred with altars and in fire ceremonies, with rattles, drums, feathers and crystals, shamanism allows a very deep personal, energetic work of transformation leading to intense insights and often miraculous healings. As "we dream our reality into being", we are no longer the victims of our circumstances. We become the clear and powerful co-creators of our own destiny.

I feel so grateful that I found you. My session with you have been so transformative. I am grateful beyond words. Your astrology readings were very key for me and touched me very deeply and the shamanic sessions have obviously been amazing life changers! I can’t thank you enough Michelle.
— Tanya L, Ontario, Canada

Who needs shaman work?

If you:

  • are about to go into surgery or are recovering from an intense medical intervention.

  • seem to be repeating over and over again negative patterns that run in your family tree (dysfunctional relationships, attracting the "wrong" partners, getting fired over and over again, unable to fulfill your dreams in life....)

  • are living, working or considering moving to a house/apartment where there was much anger, a murder, a rape, or some other drama.

  • just went through a trauma that is leaving your shuttered (major accident, break-up, divorce....) and feel you're not fully back into your body.

  • have uncontrollable fears, anxieties, insecurities, anger, karmic imprints from past lives....

  • are feeling stuck in your personal life/career/finances... Nothing seems to be moving.

  • are feeling out of balance, depressed, lethargic....

  • are about to embark on an intense, potentially dangerous journey (trip to a faraway land, entering the army etc...) and need extra-protection.

  • have a specific issue you cannot seem to be able to solve (weight problem, lack of sleep, obsession, addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco....)

  • wish to retrieve parts of your soul that were lost in other lifetimes leaving you depleted or not fully in possession of all that you could/should be.

  • wish to fully be the master of your own destiny so that you may ascend smoothly.

then shamanism is for you!

Michelle's Biography and Background

Born in Finland where there is a strong shamanistic tradition led by the Sami people in Lapland, Michelle has always had an instinctive inner connection with Nature, rocks, plants and animals. As a child, a teenager and an adult, her natural love and understanding of Nature was deepened by all the time she spent by the magical lakes and in the mystical forests of her native country as well as special places around the world such as the vortexes in AZ, CA, Hawaii, Canada, Switzerland, France, England, Colombia and Peru. Her international journeys led her to Colombia where she spent time in the powerful mountain range of the  Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta with the Arhuacos and in majestic Peru where she met and was personally trained by the Q'ero Master Shamans. She complemented the wisdom acquired first hand in South America, by a more formal training at the Four Winds Society with her mentors Linda Fitch and Alberto Villoldo.

Brief description of services offered:

  • Illumination:"The Illumination Process can accomplish in one session what can often take years to heal through psychotherapy." Dr Alberto Villoldo. The honored foundation of all shamanic healing is a gentle, clearing process that will leave you balanced, revitalized and happier. It helps release difficult imprints and drains toxic emotional energies. It brings deep healing at a soul level and, through our chakras, fills the body and the consciousness with pure light.

  • Soul Retrieval:Parts of ourselves that have been denied in other lifetimes, or have left our body following a sudden accident, a brutal separation or an unexpected trauma, leaving us handicaped. This powerful process helps bring them back so that we may enjoy our full potential once again. Through the rewriting of our soul contract, the help of a gift and the specific qualities of a power animal, we are able to step back into our wholeness (holiness) and become once again the masters of our own destiny.

  • Fluid Extraction: The removal of moving energies that block the flow of our life and keep us in negative patterns. They are often at the root of addictions. In some cases, -and this may even be the cause of some physical pains that are difficult to diagnose-, an entity may have attached itself to us which needs to be released into the light. Shamans perform routinely drama-less exorcisms.

  • Crystallized Extraction: The removal of feelings of being "stabbed in the back", or actual objects (swords, knives etc...) that wounded or even killed us in past lives that are still stuck in our luminous body. They could also consist of "cords" or "feeding tubes" that bind us to other people who literally can suck our energy that way, preventing us to fully soar in our own life.

  • Underworld Extractions: This helps clear our luminous body from blocks that have remained with us lifetime after lifetime.

  • Death Rites: On a person still alive, this is used to clear his/her luminous field of stress experienced at work. It is also performed after the "death" of an important relationship, or the end of one major chapter of life. More generally, it is offered to a person about to cross over to enable their luminous body to detach harmoniously from their physical envelope and take flight into the higher realms, smoothly and peacefully.

  • Repairing the Luminous Energy Field: Surgery, traumas, major accidents, the use of drugs or alcohol, random sex with strangers... can create tears in our aura, leaving us exposed and vulnerable to potentially harmful energies. Through the reweaving of our energetic envelope, we become once again whole and strong.

  • Installation of Energetic Protections: Handed down from generation to generation by the Inkas, the bands of power are a very efficient protection that convert difficult external energies into a nurturing, protective field that supports our life in very wonderful ways.

  • Shadow work: All those negative qualities we see so clearly in others and cannot seem to recognize in ourselves causing us to judge or criticize them. Really owning everything that we are in our darkness and our light can be intense but is very rewarding work. As it is said in the Bible: "In darkness is the light, but because darkness did not recognize it, it remained dark.". Here, with the use of many techniques such as the creation of altars, we shall not only own our darkness but find its gift. Once in that place of inner clarity and transparency, we can deal with the external world without having it press our buttons.

  • Family patterns: Recognizing and shifting patterns that run in our family (such as: every man dies before 50, women marry unfaithful men or die of cancer....). Once we remove those limiting/limited beliefs, we can rewrite our own story and, as a by-product, help heal our family tree.

  • Mythic mapping: Methods by which we solve our challenges at the level of the sacred. The 4 following sessions can only be done in person (not on the phone), in the Los Angeles Area or in the places in the world that Michelle travels to.


  • Aya Despacho (bundle to honor our dead and our ancestors): Perfect to bring closure to a chapter of our life: after someone's physical death, a divorce or major break-up, the end of a career, an intense move....

  • Cutti Despacho : When someone has had a series of things go wrong one after another, this ceremony removes the blocking energies and shifts the energy significantly.

  • Ayni despacho: The most common offering that brings us in right relationship in our home, love relationship, finances, family, travels, career and health. A very soft and beautiful ceremony which brings us back with integrity and balance in alignment with our highest destiny.

  • Space clearing: For a house that doesn't rent, or in a space where there has been a lot of anger, violence, a divorce, a murder or a rape. This can also be done routinely when you move into a new home to ensure that you will experience only peace, harmony and abundance.

Prices of Shamanistic Sessions

Private Shamanistic Sessions.

They last from 30 to 90 minutes. Depending on the issue at hand, Michelle will use one or more of the tools described in the services outlined above. They take place on the phone or on Skype.

FROM 300.00

Buy 3, save $50, only $850!

Buy 6, save $400, only $1400!

Buy 10, save $500, only $2500!

Number of sessions

Smudging kit:


From $36.00

Presented in an elegant cellophane packaging, you will find everything you need for smudging. It is a beautiful gift,  as well as practical to carry when traveling. Made of:

  • a turkey feather (with reindeer lace, copper, kyanite or sleeping beauty turquoise bead)

  • an abalone shell

  • Palo Santo (sacred wood) from Peru

  • Desert white Sage


Includes packing and shipping within the United States.

For postage outside of the United States, please email Michelle for a price


Crystal Activation pouch:

from $25.00

Presented in a beautiful pouch, these 12 small 1 inch (2 cm) Lemurian crystals mined in Arkansas, are perfect for:

  • activating the planets on our astrological charts

  • as offerings to lakes, forests, the land when walking in nature

  • activating our drinking water

  • recording our dreams

  • developing a certain inner quality

  • assisting plants

  • storing the energy of a special vortex

  • just for comfort and beauty...

    Includes packing and shipping within the United States.

For postage outside of the United States, please email Michelle for a price