This media kit on this page contains the items and information needed to promote Michelle Karen, her appearances, books, etc. This includes the following; headshots, summary for Astrology For Enlightenment, cover shot of Astrology For Enlightenment, interview questions, topics for presentation, and more.

Downloadable Media Kit

Click here to download the Michelle Karen's media kit

Radio and Television topics that Michelle Karen can be interviewed on:


  • Michelle Karén’s personal journey.
  • what exactly is Astrology and how can we best use it?
  • is Astrology for Enlightenment only for Astrologers?
  • what do you mean by a “holistic” redefinition of each sun sign?
  • any predictions for....? (signs, a given year, a period in time...)


  • What is enlightenment?
  • Can we reach enlightenment in our daily lives without traveling to exotic places or giving up the world?
  • What is 'ascension'?
  • Who was John of Jerusalem, what is his prophecy about and how is this relevant to us?

Topics for seminars or lectures:


  • The Astrology of Ascension (planetary shifts beyond the end of the Mayan Calendar, and how to ride the changes with elegance and poise)
  • Chiron, the wounded healer
  • Pluto, the Magician
  • Uranus, the Awakener
  • Neptune, the Mystic
  • Relationships in our natal charts (understanding our personal relationship dynamics and how to reach fulfillment with another)
  • Past Lives in our natal charts (what is our past and how to best fulfill our highest destiny in this life time)
  • The Shadow in our natal charts (how to recognize our “dark” spots and embrace them fully to bloom into all that we already are)
  • Using not just our sun signs but the 11 other signs for enlightenment
  • Planetary hours and how to use them in our everyday life
  • The Arabian parts
  • Methods of progressions (secondary, tertiary, transits etc...)
  • Time in Astrology


  • the latest startling discoveries in spiritual archeology and how they are challenging history books
  • The Prophecy of John of Jerusalem and its relevance to us today
  • The challenges and opportunities we are now facing in this changing world
  • Entering the Golden Age: legends and prophecies for our times, miracles and other ordinary realities....
  • Creating money, the laws of financial abundance
  • balanced relationships, sacred marriage


  • initiation into reading Tarot cards


  • Slideshow on mystical Peru
  • what is shamanism? What is its relevance to us today?
  • the power of altars, mirrors, seasonal rituals and rites...
  • the magical properties and uses of plants, trees, stones and crystals
  • Journeys into our past lives. Connexion with our power animal...
  • reading the future with Tarot cards, shells, leaves, stones and flowers
  • working with our magical drum


  • fire ceremony
  • consecration of our drum to turn it into a magical tool to navigate between the worlds
  • ayni despacho (offering to come in right relationship with all that is)
  • cutti despacho (offering to free ourselves from all that no longer serves us)
  • aya despacho (offering to our ancestors)
  • Clairvoyance rite
  • Transmission of the bands of protection and power
  • shamanic baths and breathing


  • Fasting for health
  • organization of the living food kitchen
  • living food recipes
  • physical, emotional, mental and spiritual laws of well being

(and anything else of a spiritual/metaphysical nature the organizer may be interested about....)

List of the Radio and Television shows that Michelle Karen has been invited on since the release of Astrology For Enlightenment on 11.11.2008:

December 2008, RADIO

  • Cleveland Connection (WDOK Radio, CBS Affil), host: Jim McIntyre
  • Entertainment news Westwood one radio Network NY, host: Bill Bregoli
  • Popp-Off KAHI-AM Radio, host: Mary Jane Popp
  • Evie’s Talk Show AM 1400 KKZZ Radio, host: Evie Ybarra
  • Morning Show WTBQ-AM RADIO, host: Frank Truatt
  • The AM SHOW Cable Radio News Hollywood, host: Paul Stern
  • Southshore’s Morning News WATD-AM Radio Marshfield MA, host: Rob Hakala
  • Drive time WKCT Radio Kentucky, host: Roy Brassfield
  • Converstaions WIP Radio Philadelphia, host: Peter Solomon
  • Daybreak WBTN Radio Bennington VT, host: Rich Ryder
  • Morning Show KCMN-AM Radio Colorado Springs CO, host: Tron Simpson
  • About Books WVIK-FM (NPR), host: Faye Clowe
  • Conversations WIP Radio, Philadelphia PA, host: Peter Solomon
  •, host: Penny Sansevieri
  • Morning show WGVU (NPR Affil) Grand Rapids, Michigan, host: Shelly Irwin
  • WICO-AM Newstalk Radio (ABC Affil) Salisbury MD, host: Bill Reddish
  • Broadminded Sirius XM Satellite radio, Ch,155 Washington DC, hosts: Christine Eads & Molly Dedham

January 2009, TELEVISION

  • Morning Show (KTLA, Channel 5, Hollywood)


  •, host: Cristin Stolfo


  •, host: Esateys and Raphael

June 2009, RADIO

  • The Authors show (Wnb Network West, NY), host: Don McCauley