Kryon Despacho Channels

Kryon introduction to Michelle Karén’s despachos as channeled by Lee Carroll:

Greetings dear ones. It has been said that this is not a channel, but it is. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I am here to give a blessing in channel, for what you are about to do.

You’re in a hotel room. There is carpet, you can’t see the sky. It doesn’t make any difference. For the intent of the human being is always the king of energy. The ancients greeted the planet whatever way they could, but they all knew one thing, that in the greeting of the planet, there is the creation of energy.

Dear ones, you are about to participate in ancient ceremony and it is so important that you understand “ancient” and what it means. For the Ancients had wisdom that has been lost and rather than it being carried in books or even in song, it is often carried in the tradition of ceremony. Your teacher (Michelle Karén) who has studied this, is careful to reflect what the Ancients taught her, so she can show it to you. There is energy here, there is intent, there is power. These are the things that you are participating in, not just the ceremony, it’s knowledge, it’s wisdom and more.

I want each of you to imagine for a moment, that you have been through this before. Not exactly this ceremony, but since you are your own Ancestors and you have been here a very long time, you know about ceremony. All of you have had many incarnations. You have the Akashic remembrance, if you wish, of ceremony. And you might recognize something, and that is this:  you have been the Indigenous of the planet. The ceremony here, as well as the ones you have partaken of, all have something in common, that is, they use the elements of the planet. It’s almost a combination, of that which we call the energy of Gaia and that which is the human intuition, desired relationship and consciousness. This is what the Indigenous did, they always, always included the planet with everything that was part of their lives’ desires. It is no different today, this particular ceremony returns to the idea of the connection to earth.

Take a lesson from them, this is all they had, to marry with Gaia, in such a way, that the offerings/requests went both ways and they did this. Mother Earth is Mother Earth. And from the Mother, comes the creation of life and so this is then an honoring of what they have taught and what they have done, for the reasons that are so precious, for humans, for the planet. Pay attention to what is offered and given here, for it is more than just ceremony, it’s creation of reality.

What happens with the Indigenous, even today who do ceremony, is different than you think, for your consciousness has to be a little different, understanding that these things are not just metaphors. That you actually are creating things, altering things, making things happen, which has always been the way of it. The Indigenous were good at it, they still are. Modern society doesn’t understand. Let this be a time for you to suspend the linearity of what you think is possible, as you listen to the teaching and participate in something that is so precious if you allow it.

The ceremony that you are about to participate in, in fact, changes very little. It does nothing by itself. It is the vehicle without the wheels and you are the wheels. It is designed to interface with the consciousness of humans. In its profound design, that of pieces and parts of the elements of the earth, there is an alliance with Gaia. Let me warn you, it does not work without intent. If you come to the ceremony and you do all of the processes and the procedures without the intent, you have just done an exercise. The human intent and consciousness of belief of what you are doing, appreciation of what you are doing, activate the ceremony. And the activation, is everything. I will say to some of you, stand by for change. For the ceremony is old, it is profound, it is wise. Developed by the ancients for exactly what you think, to help humanity.

What you are about to do, is a confluence of energy. You are putting energies together in ways that are significant and will make changes. It looks like ceremony, it has a name that would indicate ceremony, but it’s more. The indigenous want you to paint a picture with the elements today. They mean different things, some are metaphoric, you paint your own picture and in the process, you paint a picture that spirit sees and it starts the changes. It’s almost like you are painting a picture that is a giant affirmation of you, the planet, your relationship to that which you don’t normally do much of. Pachamama – Mother Earth, the love of the planet, your partner, is part of this and the energies that you are about to shift are unique, hundred of years old, designed appropriately for you.

The Ancients have many messages and it’s so difficult to touch that which is the past. The blessing today is of the elements of the energy of the creation of the ceremony, which is from the past, for you. And so the blessing is this, be aware that the feeling, the teaching, the love of the Ancients, are within the elements and the instructions and the processes of what you are about to see. More than just a ceremony, the messages of the Ancients are with you.

Ceremony creates energy and in this particular protocol, that you are about to proceed with, it is an honoring of Pachamama. It is a greeting of the planet, it is a harmony with you and the elements. So, as you hold them and as you hear the discussion of what they mean, and what you are doing symbolically, metaphorically, I want you to feel the energy of it all. For this is a real change of energy from one to another. It makes things happen, it always did, the Ancients knew it and so does the Shaman… proceed.

Let the ceremony begin… And so it is.

Lee Carroll with Michelle Karén

Lee Carroll with Michelle Karén

Despacho Ceremony introduced by Lee Carroll/Kryon

Despacho Ceremony introduced by Lee Carroll/Kryon