Join Michelle Karén on her mystical journeys to ancient sites where you will experience ceremonies, healing past life regressions, meditations, legends which are really true stories we have forgotten the reality of, astrological insights and the wisdom of the Tarot.


Peru & Bolivia - November 2019

From Lima to the Nazca Lines, from the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca , we shall discover a vast array of landscapes, multi-dimensional worlds, discover the magic of ancient temples with the Master Shamans of the Q'ero tribe, and go deeper within ourselves in search of our divine truth.


South East Finland - August 2019

Numerous times, over the past years, have I been asked when I would offer a mystical journey to Finland. My native country being deeply sacred to me, it took time for the idea to germinate in my heart. I spent most of my childhood there and no matter where I live in the world, the need to return to the “end of land” for the nourishment of my soul and deeper inner discoveries, is ever present. 

It is with excitement that I am now opening this very secret part of myself to you all.