February 2019 Astrological Forecast

Dearest Friends

Kindly note that the days and times given below are in PST (Pacific Standard Time). For Rocky Mountain Time (including AZ) add 1 hour. For Central Time, add 2 hours. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours. For Alaskan Time, subtract 1 hour. For Hawaii-Aleutian Time, subtract 2 hours. For Greenwich, add 8 hours. For Central European time (CET) add 9 hours, for Eastern European Time (EET), add 10 hours.

February 2019

RUNE OF THE MONTH: Gebo “commitment”. In the notion of commitment is the concept of promise, pledge and engagement. It is only by committing fully to a path, a person, a project, values, that we can reap true results. When we are wishy-washy about things, when we waver too much, when we don’t honor our word and don’t keep our promises, we don’t accomplish much, seem superficial or worse, unstable, and become untrustworthy to others. If the path we committed to is not the best for us, just the act of giving ourselves fully to it will open another one, more adapted to our needs. If we stay at the surface of things, we shall keep starting over and over without ever accomplishing anything of value. On the other hand, if the path we chose proves not to have been the best, all the efforts we shall have put into the creation of what we thought we wanted, are never lost nor in vain.

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No retrograde planet this month! This is extremely rare. For once, we are all caught up! No re-visiting any aspect of our lives nor tying loose ends! A time to move forward with no strings attached.

The year of the Earth Pig starts on Feb 5 until January 24, 2020. A year of benevolent efforts to reconcile differences and install peace in troubled parts of the world. On a personal level, a great year for reinventing ourselves, clearing our debts and creating new financial opportunities. Some people may disappear from our lives, while others, more in harmony with our frequency, join our close circle of trusted friends. Communication, as well as studying are enhanced. An excellent period of time to let go of habits that no longer serve us and also for enjoying life more. If we have been thinking of taking a sabbatical, this would be the perfect year to do so! Marriages and births multiply this year. A significant year for bringing more joy  into our life and indulging in more pleasure but without excess! 

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Moon will be Void of Course (V/O –forming no major aspect with any planet before entering the following sign-):

On Sunday 2/3 between 2:53 AM and 5:03 AM: when the Moon enters Aquarius. 

On Tuesday 2/5 between 3:59 PM and 6:02 PM: when the Moon enters Pisces.

From Thursday 2/7 at 2:13 PM till Friday 2/8 at 6:34 AM: when the Moon enters Aries.

On Sunday 2/10 between 3:48 PM and 5:28 PM: when the Moon enters Taurus.

From Tuesday 2/12 at 2:26 PM till Wednesday 2/13 at 1:32 AM: when the Moon enters Gemini.

On Friday 2/15 between 4:48 AM and 6:03 AM: when the Moon enters Cancer.

On Sunday 2/17 between 6:17 AM and 7:21 AM: when the Moon enters Leo.

On Tuesday 2/19 between 5:51 AM and 6:47 AM: when the Moon enters Virgo

From Wednesday 2/20 at 5:51 PM till Thursday 2/21 at 6:17 AM: when the Moon enters Libra.

On Saturday 2/23 between 7:10 AM and 7:56 AM: when the Moon enters Scorpio.

On Monday 2/25 between 4:14 AM and 1:19 PM: when the Moon enters Sagittarius.

On Wednesday 2/27 between 10:17 PM and 10:48 PM: when the Moon enters Capricorn.

Mark these periods in red in your calendar and avoid scheduling anything of importance during these times as they would amount to… NO thing!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Scheduling our activities using the zodiacal position of the Moon:

Moon in Capricorn until Sunday 2/3 at 5:02 AM + between Wednesday 2/27 at 10:48 PM and Saturday 3/2 at 11:05 AM: Good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a promotion, enlisting the support of people in positions of authority, making a good impression, re-structuring our business and redefining our long-term goals…

Moon in Aquarius between Sunday 2/3 at 5:03 AM and Tuesday 2/5 at 6:01 PM: Perfect for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances. Good also for inventions, far out, progressive ideas, inter-dimensional and time travel, anything related to UFOs, computers and technology in general….

Moon in Pisces between Tuesday 2/5 at 6:02 PM and Friday 2/8 at 6:33 AM: Great for meditating, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, dancing, painting, swimming, dreaming, music, photography, film, sleeping, channeling, connecting with the mystical, the magic and the oneness of all that is…

Moon in Aries between Friday 2/8 at 6:34 AM and Sunday 2/10 at 5:27 PM: Perfect for intense physical activities, anything requiring forceful, direct action and self-assertion. Good also for leadership, spontaneity, good will, being a way shower, initiating new projects or bringing our car to the mechanic….

Moon in Taurus between Sunday 2/10 at 5:28 PM and Wednesday 2/13 at 1:31 AM: Perfect for any financial matter: paying our bills/debts, asking for the money that is owed to us, investing in real estate, buying and selling. Perfect also for a stroll in the park, going to the countryside, connecting with our Mother the Earth… Good also for gardening, pottery, sculpting, as well as bodywork…

Moon in Gemini between Wednesday 2/13 at 1:32 AM and Friday 2/15 at 6:02 AM :Excellent for multi-tasking, curiosity, any form of communication, exchanging information, sending e-mails, calling friends and acquaintances. Great also for social activities, attending conferences, reading a book, watching a documentary, gathering data on various topics, connecting with new people….

Moon in Cancer between Friday 2/15 at 6:03 AM and Sunday 2/17 at 7:20 AM: Perfect for family activities, especially those involving children. Good for spending more time at home, cooking, nurturing ourselves and those we love, inviting the people we cherish over for dinner. Excellent also for drawing, creative writing, humor and anything requiring imagination and a touch of craziness….

Moon in Leo between Sunday 2/17 at 7:21 AM and Tuesday 2/19 at 6:46 AM: Excellent for anything glamorous, dramatic performances, being in the public’s eye, throwing or attending an elegant party, playing with children, romance and creativity in general…

Moon in Virgo between Tuesday 2/19 at 6:47 AM and Thursday 2/21 at 6:16 AM: Excellent for starting a new fitness program, learning, healthy nutrition, fasting, clearing our closets, cleaning our home, reorganizing our drawers…. Perfect also for detailed work, the focused use of our intelligence, and taking care of small pets….

Moon in Libra between Thursday 2/21 at 6:17 AM and Saturday 2/23 at 7:55 AM: Great for relationships, associations, diplomatic exchanges with others, anything related to beauty (a haircut, buying new clothes, a make-over…), art (especially painting and decorating…), a pleasant social event (concert, art exhibition…).

Moon in Scorpio between Saturday 2/23 at 7:56 AM and Monday 2/25 at 1:18 PM: Perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, self-transformation, shamanism, dealing with the mysteries of life, death, and sexuality, as well as insurances and issues involving personal power.

Moon in Sagittarius between Monday 2/25 at 1:19 PM and Wednesday 2/27 at 10:47 PM: Perfect for traveling, religious and/or philosophical activities or matters related to higher education and the law. Excellent for lecturing, learning, perfecting a foreign language, exploring other cultures… Perfect also for athletic training and tending to large animals (horses….).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This month’s intentional meditation started on Sunday January 20 at 9:16 PM, when we took out as many blank sheets of paper as we would have intentions and placed them near a window, on a balcony or in a garden so that they would bask in the light of the Full Moon in Leo (Solar Eclipse). Once that moment had passed, we gathered our Full Moon charged blank sheets and placed them in a folder.

On Monday 2/4, take out your blank full moon charged papers and write on each a concise, positive intention. Place them on a balcony, in a garden or near a window so that they are out by exactly 1:04 PM. Once that moment has passed, staple them together and put them away in a folder expecting the manifestation of all your dreams… 

Next month’s intentional meditation, begins on Tuesday 2/19. Take out as many blank sheets of papers as you will have.  intentions and place them near a window, on a balcony, or in a garden so that they bask in the light of the Full Moon in Virgo at exactly 7:54 AM. Once that moment has passed, gather your Full Moon charged blank sheets and place them in a folder.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

Friday 2/1: Mars Square Pluto (7:15 PM) 

Impulsive actions could be particularly destructive today, both mentally and physically. If we are not careful, stress, jealousies, undercurrents of anger or violence could undermine our efforts. Facing those situations with honesty, integrity and courage may be the only way to create positive changes. This will however require much determination and inner strength on our part as the opposition could be unexpectedly insidious.

Saturday 2/2: Venus Trine Uranus (3:40 PM) 

Exciting social encounters mark this day. We could have a sudden, unusual attraction to a person who frees us to be ourselves. The connection might however be more fun than truly enduring. We could be inspired by new ways of making money. Our esthetic tastes are modern, even futuristic in some cases, definitely drawing us to the unusual.  

Sunday 2/3: Mercury Sextile Jupiter (1:55 PM), Venus enters Capricorn (2:30 PM till March 1) 

Our honesty and integrity with ourselves and others, is particularly rewarded today. A great day to learn a new language or journey to another country. Our mind is open, tolerant, creative and positive. Our contacts with others are warm and generous. During the coming month, we take our love relationships seriously. We might even prefer to be alone rather than with the wrong person. A good time to either commit to another if the connection has been good, or separate if our path together has been rocky for a while. We are also wiser in our financial dealings.

Thursday 2/7: Sun Sextile Jupiter (4:33 PM), Mercury Sextile Mars (5:25 PM) 

Opportunities to further our career and complete our projects abound. We feel positive, confident and in mastery of our talents. Our positive energy opens many new doors. We are direct in our speech, are not afraid to take initiatives and to forge ahead with courage and energy. 

Saturday 2/9: Mercury Sextile Uranus (2:53 PM) 

A day of unplanned changes and unexpected encounters. The more flexible we are, the easier and the more fun this day will be! As we flow present to present, from moment to moment, we are likely to find that what could have seemed like a frustrating disruption, ends up opening new exciting opportunities.   

Sunday 2/10: Mercury enters Pisces (2:51 AM till April 17) 

During the next two months, our mind is very sensitive to vibrations, the invisible, impressions and signs. Artistic creation is particularly favored. Our appreciation of beauty is enhanced with a greater need for peace, harmony and balance. Our thoughts are inspired. Violence and dark images could be more traumatizing than usual. We seek oneness, compassion and love in all our interactions with others.

Tuesday 2/12: Mars Conjunct Uranus (10:19 PM) 

Caution should be exercised while operating a motor vehicle or using sharp objects. Tempers could flare up suddenly and brutally. Best to stay away from any aggressive individual or potentially intense situation. Violent sports should also be avoided today, as accidents could very quickly shift our lives for the worse.

Thursday 2/14: Mars enters Taurus (2:51 AM till March 31st) 

During the next month and a half, Taurus natives are favored. We ruminate the consequences before leaping into action.  Our projects are thought through in a slow, deliberate and practical manner. We feel more comfortable in nature. Our sensuality is also highlighted. A need to take good care of our body is enhanced. Getting some physical pampering could be a very good use of this transit.

Sunday 2/17: Venus Sextile Neptune (0:45 AM), Sun Sextile Uranus (11:54 PM) 

A relationship could seem most enchanted and magical and may well stem from a deep soul connection. Artists and healers are particularly inspired today. We should also expect the unexpected and meet sudden changes of plans with excitement as they are likely to prove particularly freeing in the long run. Under this transit, the more we go with the flow, the more gifts we shall receive.

Monday 2/18: Venus Conjunct Saturn (2:52 AM), Sun enters Pisces (3:04 PM till March 20th), Mercury Conjunct Neptune (10:37 PM) 

Today, a sense of seriousness and responsibility permeates our relationships, making us feel particularly lonely. A relationship begun under this transit will start slowly and carefully, making it very enduring. One that has been shaky for a while, could come to its logical conclusion, without any sense of pain or drama. With this planetary influence, we are not so good with details. Silence, solitude and inspiring topics are attractive. We are drawn to spirituality and beauty.  Not a good day to sign= legally binding documents. During the coming month, we could feel more detached from material concerns and more eager to grow spiritually. Day dreaming could interfere with the work in need of being done. Yet going with the flow helps us find inner peace.

Tuesday 2/19: Mercury Sextile Saturn (6:39 PM) 

Our thoughts are serious, focused and disciplined. A great day to get through our administrative papers. We seek the company of wiser, sometimes older people. Wonderful for redefining our short and long term goals. 

Friday 2/22: Mercury Square Jupiter (12:40 PM), Venus Conjunct Pluto (7:49 PM)  

We could overextend ourselves and have exaggerated expectations. Let us be careful of promises we cannot keep or that seem too good to be true. Starting a long distance trip under this transit is ill-advised. A relationship begun today could be particularly passionate, even bordering on the obsessive. Passion and a deep soul link provide a solid basis to an enduring connection that forces us to remove inner blocks to intimacy.

Saturday 2/23: Mercury Sextile Pluto (9:15 AM) 

Powerful insights into people and situations mark this day. Challenges that had been plaguing us for a while are resolved in a creative manner. Best to lie low. In the face of opposition, communication, compromise and cooperation create benevolent outcomes.

Wednesday 2/27: Sun Sextile Mars (6:33 PM) 

Challenges are invigorating. A great day for physical activities and to leap into action. The results created are most fulfilling. Our stamina is at an all times’ high. A wonderful day to commit to a dynamic new exercise program. Great also for starting a project requiring leadership abilities, positive energy and impulsive creativity. 

Wishing you an amazing month of February!

In Loving Light.

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