Peru & Bolivia Trip Testimonials

From my deepest heart, I thank you for this magnificent journey in Peru. You were such a joyful, beautiful, wise, responsible, sweet, powerful Shaman guide! You took care of every single one of us so personally and with such heart. You made this trip the most impressive I have ever experienced. - Waltraud L, Italy
I really had a wonderful time in Peru. I also loved being with such an amazing group of people. Thank you for organizing everything. I really appreciated how you maximized our fun and adventures. Having the ceremonies at the different sites really added to the over-all experience. I am so thankful! - Kim W, Portland, OR
Michelle, this was such a fantastic experience for me. Look to the light and it appears everywhere! You are definitely one of the THE most amazing woman I have ever met. I will cherish my HEART rock forever. Love you so very much. - Mary-Jane C, Edmonton, AL
I thank you for all the wonderful experiences we shared, for the smiles, tears, aches, sweat... and shopping! Thank you Michelle, for being our wonderful guide into the new cycle, the family spirit and truly the inspirational Star! Something big has entered my life. I do not yet know what it is, and I do not know how to dress it up in words yet. I’ve got a wonderful feeling of completion and I look forward to the future! Let us all dream endlessly and limitlessly float above the lesser as we did above the Crystal City! This is just the beginning! - Tatiana S, London, UK
Oh! What a journey we had! I have the sensation that I have a totally blank chalk board on which to create. It’s smooth, unencumbered with trivia and static from the past. Actually, it’s really quite lovely! When I read my journal, there are many things that seem completely unfamiliar, as if I were reading someone else’s journal. Perhaps the Lydia that left CO on Dec 9 evaporated into the Peruvian mist and the Lydia who returned is paradoxically naive, innocent and wise. Michelle, I am a bit compromised now to accurately describe to you how amazing you were on our journey. You infused so much of your love, attention, care, knowledge, wisdom and passion into our trip. I sensed that you wanted us to have the fullest possible experience and you gave your heart and soul to do that. I already said that I regard you as an angel. And I say it again here: your strength, feminine power, passion, wisdom are among the feathers of your wings. I bow in deep respect to you. I love you, heart to heart, soul to soul. - Lydia G, Denver, CO
Thank you for your being, for your presence, for your feelings, for your knowledge, for your heart, for the entire organization and bringing all of us together. Your beautiful being which brightened our days and nights in Peru, made us live this spectacular experience, all of us, as a group. It was like a dream in various ways. Like a dream where I discovered more about myself, some past lives, great and wonderful people, like a second family, new feelings, new places, many many ideas, expanding creativity. I can already see the things that have changed in my life, some are still in transition, some are waiting for the perfect timing to be born. It is very exciting! - Ozge D., Turkey
I want to thank you for leading us on this journey which will be in my heart forever. You kept us all going with your quick smile, kindness and so much laughter!” Marilyn T, Alberta, Canada
”Thank you for all your efforts in providing us with the utmost best outcome for our journey! - Karla E, Germany
Je te remercie pour ce merveilleux voyage. Après mon arrivée, il m’a fallu une semaine et demi pour “revenir”/“être” présente à nouveau de ce côté. Beaucoup de choses ont changé en moi et je n’en vois pas encore toute l’étendue. Ce voyage fut le premier, depuis très, très longtemps, où j’ai été présente simplement, en étant juste moi. Je revis littéralement, libérée d’un carcan. Je suis heureuse.- Lenia C., Switzerland
Thank you for ALL of your hard work, the incredible planning and attention to detail that went into creating such an amazing trip for us all. We are so grateful for all of the experiences we had in Peru. We are all stronger, richer, more spiritually evolved humans for everything we experienced. This trip was amazing and being part of the group has changed our lives. - Kimberly H, Los Angeles, CA
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the great experience and wonderful journey in Peru, into shamanism, into other worlds and for the deep, deep trip inside myself. It will take some time to understand it better and recalibrate to the energies that we have received, but it is already very clear how much we all achieved during these days. I feel lucky to have met you. The trip was very intense and in my view, very well put together. It is hard to really change anything. Thank you for the ceremonies and rites. Thank you for the healing. Thank you for showing us all these magnificent places and thank you for the interesting insights. Miss you and our group. - Vadim S, Switzerland
I would like to again thank you so very much for the magical, mystical & incredible trip to Peru! I still have flashbacks to many an excursion or place or conversation & even joke that we all shared... I’ve seen so much & learned more than I even expected from this beautiful country! The different sites, temples, landscapes & the wonderful people we met were just lovely! Breathtakingly spectacular is how I’d describe it!

I would also like to mention that what you do with the shamanism, the ceremonies & how you tie it all together into this journey to Peru is unlike anything I’ve experienced or had knowledge of prior to meeting you, and I must say that not for one second did I feel uneasy, scared, in danger or uninformed. You have such a beautiful quality about you that makes people feel at ease, supported, safe & you genuinely care about people & about what you believe in, which opens up a level of trust that I felt instantly!

I admire you immensely for your courageous spirit & the path you have chosen in this life! (Or the path that has chosen you...!) You are a beautiful soul with a warrior’s strength that is unparalleled from any other women I’ve met!

I feel so blessed to have taken this adventure with you & to have gotten to know you more on a personal level... I was (and am constantly) seeking something more in life & you appeared in it as if right on schedule, to the enhancement of my own beautiful & scared journey...

Since Peru I feel amazing! My life, my thoughts & my actions as well as my awareness has been elevated tremendously & I relish every second of it! There is something so calming & peaceful watching life unfold & seeing one’s growth & evolution evolve. I am seeing life through ‘super enhanced’ glasses. I savour the beauty of life & also enjoy the power that I am seeing developing in me & having the wonders of this benevolent universe assisting me at every turn... it is magnificent!!

I’ve always been a planner, thinker, over analyzer & would always try to force life cerebrally, whereas now I FEEL life all through me & observe more, than try to control things. I am letting go & feeling a sense of freedom that comes with that release... It’s exhilarating!

I have no idea where this life’s journey will take me ... what I’ll do ... who I’ll meet...
I feel like a kid so full of excitement & wonderment & awe. I can’t wait to taste & savour all these precious moments!

And so once again, I thank you Michelle because even though I have been on this path for a while, I know that meeting you & sharing this moment in time has given me so much more awareness & appreciation & humility in my life. And life has taken on a new trajectory at lightening speed!

You are truly a special, beautiful celestial spirit who has definitely seen more & experienced more on so many different planes & dimensions, than 99% of the people on this planet could even conceive of & yet you walk among us as one of God’s Earthly Angels doing her part to elevate humanity & our universal consciousness!

I feel my life is fuller & richer having you touch it with your light...
I can only dream to influence someone a fraction of the amount as you have done for me...

I know this won’t be the last time we will see each other because I plan on traveling with you again real soon on another magical adventure!!

But until that time I wish you beauty, peace, light & Love. May your strength, wisdom, tenacity & power move universes... Lydia M, Toronto, Ontario