Michelle Karen is a Master Astrologer. She reads the Akash directly and is the first one to bring quantum astrology to this planet.
— Kryon - Lee Carroll, Laguna Beach CA, Dec 2010

You present yourself in such an unassuming way, which indicates your awesomeness. You have meant so much to E and I since we received a reading from you. No wonder you are loved by so many!
— John Ed E, HI

You are this beautiful, lovely, graceful woman who not only is living her dreams but who helps others reach theirs and at the same time walks the beauty way. I would say that spirit has given us all the gift of Michelle. Much munay.
— Greg R, New York, NY

It is great that by living the life you live, having moved beyond the old ideas and beliefs, that you can offer support and encouragement to those who are transitioning into a more self-actualizing existence. It is so wonderful to feel the love of your expansive heart that moves beyond space and time to touch people.
— Cristi J, Denver, CO

Your soul leads you with love. A true leader.
— Kristina K, Helsinki, Finland

Michelle, you are the epitome of beauty, inside and out. Your joy for life is palpable and I am SO GLAD I know you! What a treasure you are!
— Jamye P, Sedona, AZ

Thank you so much for the light your added to the event (Walk In Conference 2013). I want you to know that your work is important and valued by many and your faithfulness to the path you are on, and the care you take to be so fully immersed in it, is a true inspiration. Many people came to me after your evening session and shared how powerful and transformational it was for them. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross.
— Tim McD., Sedona, AZ

Thank you so much for the ‘magical’ journey! Words can’t describe the feeling! It’s always soooo hard to integrate back into society after such a spiritual trip! Lots of Lemurian love.
— Bonnie W.
Michelle, it was amazing talking to you. I was so nervous at the beginning and sweating... But after you told me a few things, you made me feel much better and relaxed. I never spoke to someone who can tell the future because I was worried about them making me change my life according to their idea, but with you, I didn’t feel that, so thank you very, very much, I really appreciate all you did for me.
— Jeronimo G, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Your reading was great and very positive, something I consider essential. Thanks for the insight, your focus and all the wonderful information you provided.
— Cristina N, Miami, FL