2016 Overview


Numerologically, a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9). A year of completion of all the changes precipitated since 2012. The two most important aspects this year are the

  • Saturn Square Neptune (the veils of illusions falling apart) which began in November 2015 and will be active until June 2016, and the
  • Jupiter-Pluto contact (a major decision point to break old patterns in order to be free) which will begin in March until November.
  • The eclipses are mostly taking place in the Virgo-Pisces axis, creating a year of cleansing, re-organization, selfless service and renewed clarity.


Starting on February 8, 2016 till January 27, 2017, in Chinese Astrology, we are in the year of the Red Monkey, a year of intense communication and rapid change where anything could happen. It will be important to think twice before making impulsive transformations in all the areas of our lives. Dangers could abound, as well as unexpected twists of events. To have success in financial matters we need to be both vigilant and smart. There could be much unrest, instability, deception and rebelliousness in the world. It is important to take nothing, and no one, for granted, and look for creative solutions to the challenges at hand. Courage, devotion, inventiveness and agility are rewarding. Rather than bank on collective endeavors which could prove disappointing at best, it is advised to invest in our own individual efforts. Our decisions should be based on facts, not emotions. Quick wit, fast intelligence, shrewdness, courageous action, as well as a lively, progressive, optimistic outlook see us through any of the crisis that could arise. A year to be physically active, in order to burn off excessive stress.



7: Jupiter retrograde in Virgo (23º14) until May 9 (13º15’)

A very important four months of examining our integrity. We need to be ultimately honest with ourselves. Humanitarian projects are favored. Going back to school, completing a project that has international ramifications, reconnecting with a long lost friendship, making a long distance journey to a distant country we have always been attracted to… are all highlighted by this retrogradation.



No special aspect.




8: Solar Eclipse (18º57’ Pisces)

Compassion, implementing our visions and dreams, meditating, healing and enlightenment are all enhanced by this particular eclipse. The Sabian Symbols’ image for this degree is “a Master instructing his disciple”. A time to develop our wisdom and reconnect with the deeper roots of our spiritual lineage.


16: Jupiter Trine Pluto

A time to implement positive changes both in ourselves and in society. Difficult situations in our individual lives and collectively have now a chance of being rectified. We are free and protected to move forward with wisdom.


23: Jupiter Square Saturn + Lunar Eclipse (3º10’ Libra)

A feeling of restlessness and uncertainty could accompany this transit. Change is beneficial as long as it isn’t impulsive. It is important that we examine our relationships and find peace and balance with others as well as within ourselves.


25: Saturn retrograde (16º24’ Sagittarius) until August 13 (9º46’ Sagittarius)

Five months of reorganization, examining our responsibilities, looking at our relationship to duties and obligations, and restructuring our work. We could seek more time in solitude and silence. We are in need of developing maturity and wisdom. Wonderful for deepening our philosophy of life, traveling to a foreign culture and setting clear boundaries. Important changes in places of authority could occur at this time.



17: Pluto Retrograde (17º29’ Capricorn) until September 26 (14º55’ Capricorn)

A powerful six months to release old patterns, as well as anything that is obsolete in our lives. Our powers of concentration are intensified. We are drawn to investigating what lies beneath the surface and regenerating at a cellular level. Our relationship to power is being tested. A time to regain control of our financial situation and to undergo massive cleansing of our bodies and our lives. Areas of stress indicate what we need to release.



9: Jupiter Direct

Kindly see January 7.


26: Jupiter Square Saturn

Kindly see March 23.




13: Neptune Retrograde (12º02’ Pisces) until November 19 (9º14’ Pisces)

Our inner vision opens, the veils between dimensions dissolve, our receptivity is enhanced. We are drawn to music, the ocean, meditation, healing and mysticism. We could be more prone to lucid dreaming than usual. We should however beware of illusions and falling prey to false appearances seeming real. To avoid vague feelings of dissatisfaction, it is important to work on more subtle inner levels of perception. On a global level, we could become very concerned with the state of our oceans.


17: Saturn Square Neptune

A sense of unrest, of structures dissolving, of anxiety or worry could plague us. Conditions around us could become nebulous and unsafe. The best answer to such uncertainty is to remain very present to the moment, hang on to our ideals and be as flexible as possible. This too shall pass… We are witnessing the shift from one way of life to a new one, that is still largely unknown as we enter uncharted territory.


26: Jupiter Trine Pluto

Kindly see March 16.




29: Uranus Retrograde (24º30’ Aries) until December 29 (20º33’ Aries)

During the next 5 months, our needs for freedom are becoming particularly acute. We could feel rebellious against limited/limiting conditions. What we previously tolerated, now becomes unbearable. Our intuition and need to be uniquely ourselves are at an all times’ high. We could become fascinated by inventions coming from the future, psychology, science fiction, UFOs and technology. A time of increased awareness, asserting our individuality and breaking new ground.


August: 13: Saturn Direct (9ª46’ Sagittarius)

Kindly see March 25.




1: Solar Eclipse (9º23’ Virgo)

This degree is represented in the Sabian Symbols by “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows”. This eclipse heralds the need to transcend duality and focus beyond the mirror of deceit that has been presented to us as being reality. A time to step out of the matrix, clean our lives, detoxify both physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as renew our clarity.


9: Jupiter enters Libra (until October 10, 2017)

The next 13 months enhance our humanitarian endeavors. We have a stronger sense of social justice, are more creative in finding new solutions to old problems, and display increased compassion towards others less fortunate than ourselves. We are attracted to beauty and team work. We are able to see more clearly all sides of an issue, are open minded and impartial, and more open than usual to mediation and compromise. We are also more willing to learn, and mentally more adventurous. Our love for others is likely to be a source of great enrichment.


10: Saturn Square Neptune

Kindly see June 17.


16: Lunar Eclipse (24º13’ Pisces)

Kindly see March 8.


26: Pluto Direct

Kindly see April 17.




No special aspect.




19: Neptune Direct (9º14’ Pisces)

Kindly see June 13.


24: Jupiter Square Pluto

Religious dogma or political manipulation could create great conflicts in the world. Compromising will only make problems worse. Issuing utimatums and courageously facing negative forces, may be the only way out of obstacles. Increasing our knowledge and experience are also key in freeing ourselves from old, limiting paradigms. In group situations, optimism supports the realization of each person’s highest potential. We lead by example.


December: 24: Saturn Trine Uranus

A blessed time of balance between the old and the new, of confidence, efficiency and dynamic forward movement. We are more independent and effective in developing original solutions to the challenges at hand. Thinking out of the box allows us to open new roads. The people we feel responsible for, are becoming more independent. Wonderful for starting a new job, moving, or beginning an exciting project.


26: Jupiter Opposition Uranus

Following the completion of old patterns, the dawn of a new book in our lives. Increasing our knowledge and experience helps us reap the rewards of this dynamic change. The final outcome may however be quite unexpected and different from what we anticipated. The more open to the unknown and flexible we remain, the greater the benefits.


29: Uranus Direct

Kindly see July 29.


Wishing you all the best new year ever!


In Loving Light.


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