April 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends  

Kindly note that the days and times given below are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Saving Time). For Rocky Mountain Time (except AZ which is on PDT) add 1 hour. For Central Time, add 2 hours. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours. For Alaskan Time, subtract 1 hour. For Hawaii-Aleutian Time, subtract 2 hours. For Greenwich, add 8 hours. For Central European time (CET) add 9 hours. For Eastern European time (EET), add 10 hours.


APRIL 2016


RUNE OF THE MONTH: Fehu “abundance”. It is the mind that creates a sense of scarcity. Nature is abundant. Plants produce not one, but thousands of seeds. Wealth doesn’t come from a job or a person, it comes from the value we give ourselves. As we feel deserving of having true abundance, and begin being more, we are able to do more, which in turn attracts more into our lives.


* * * * * * * *

Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday 4/28 at 23º35’ Taurus until May 22. Its shadow period remains until June 7. This degree is symbolized by “An Indian warrior riding”. Three weeks to reassess our values, our resources, our finances, as well as our relationship to nature, beauty and our body.


Mars turns retrograde on Sunday 4/17 at 8º54’ Sagittarius, till June 29. Its shadow period remains until August 22. The image associated to this degree in the Sabian Symbols is: “A mother leads her small child step by step up the stairs”. An important 2 months to be clear on our goals, our life purpose, our general direction and the reason for us being here.


Jupiter remains retrograde this whole month and will remain so until May 9. Its shadow period lasts until August 8. The degrees it travels in March (15º23’-13º23’ Virgo) are represented in the Sabian Symbols by the following images: “Children crowd around the orang-utang cage in a zoo”, “A family tree”, “A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria”. A last 5 weeks of gaining emotional clarity out of the matrix of confinement, slavery, conditioning and drama. A time to strengthen our self-confidence, have faith in ourselves, and reorganize our lives with clarity and focus.

Saturn remains retrograde this whole month (16º22’-15º23’ Sagittarius) and will remain so until August 13. Its shadow period lasts until November 19. These degrees are symbolized by “An Easter sunrise service”, “Sea gulls fly around a ship looking for food”. These four and a half months require of us to reassess and strengthen our spiritual beliefs and what we need to feed our nature. A time when our faith is tested and our illusions shattered.


Pluto turns retrograde on Monday 4/18 at 17º29’ Capricorn, until Monday September 26. Its shadow period remains until November 19, 2017. This degree is represented by “The union jack flies from a new British warship”. Six months of gaining mastery and respect as a result of waging and winning our inner battles.


* * * * * * *

The Moon will be Void of Course (V/O –forming no major aspect with any planet before entering the following sign-):

  • On Friday 4/1 between 9:39 AM and 6:37 PM: when the Moon enters Aquarius.
  • On Sunday 4/3 between 4:16 PM and 10:446 PM: when the Moon enters Pisces.
  • On Tuesday 4/5 between 3:33 AM and 11:46 PM: when the Moon enters Aries.
  • On Thursday 4/7 between 7:56 AM and 11:10 PM: when the Moon enters Taurus.
  • On Saturday 4/9 between 2:49 AM and 10:59 PM: when the Moon enters Gemini.
  • From Monday 4/11 at 11:57 AM till Tuesday 4/12 at 1:07 AM: when the Moon enters Cancer.
  • From Wednesday 4/13 at 8:59 PM till Thursday 4/14 at 6:53 AM: when the Moon enters Leo.
  • On Saturday 4/16 between 10:48 AM and 4:23 PM: when the Moon enters Virgo.
  • From Monday 4/18 at 5:29 AM till Tuesday 4/19 at 4:24 AM: when the Moon enters Libra.
  • From Wednesday 4/20 at 11:13 PM till Thursday 4/21 at 5:17 PM: when the Moon enters Scorpio.
  • From Saturday 4/23 at 2:46 PM till Sunday 4/24 at 5:46 AM: when the Moon enters Sagittarius.
  • On Tuesday 4/26 between 8:51 AM and 4:54 PM: when the Moon enters Capricorn.
  • On Friday 4/29 between 0:07 AM and 1:47 AM: when the Moon enters Aquarius.
  • From Saturday 4/30 at 7:56 PM till Sunday 5/1 at 7:33 AM: when the Moon enters Pisces.


Mark these periods in red in your calendar and avoid scheduling anything of importance during these times as they would amount to… NO thing!

* * * * * * * * *


Scheduling our activities using the zodiacal position of the Moon:


Moon in Capricorn until Friday 4/1 at 6:36 PM + between Tuesday 4/26 at 4:54 PM and Friday 4/29 at 1:46 AM: Good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a promotion, enlisting the support of people in positions of authority, making a good impression, re-structuring our business and redefining our long-term goals…


Moon in Aquarius between Friday 4/1 at 6:37 PM and Sunday 4/3 at 10:45 PM + between Friday 4/29 at 1:47 AM and Sunday 5/1 at 7:32 AM: Perfect for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances. Good also for inventions, far out, progressive ideas, inter-dimensional and time travel, anything related to UFOs, computers and technology in general….


Moon in Pisces between Sunday 4/3 at 10:46 PM and Tuesday 4/5 at 11:45 PM: Great for meditating, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, dancing, painting, swimming, dreaming, music, photography, film, sleeping, channeling, connecting with the mystical, the magic and the oneness of all that is…


Moon in Aries between Tuesday 4/5 at 11:46 PM and Thursday 4/7 at 11:09 PM: Perfect for intense physical activities, anything requiring forceful, direct action and self-assertion. Good also for leadership, spontaneity, good will, being a way shower, initiating new projects or bringing our car to the mechanic….


Moon in Taurus between Thursday 4/7 at 11:10 PM and Saturday 4/9 at 10:58 PM: Perfect for any financial matter: paying our bills/debts, asking for the money that is owed to us, investing in real estate, buying and selling. Perfect also for a stroll in the park, going to the countryside, connecting with our Mother the Earth… Good also for gardening, pottery, sculpting, as well as bodywork…


Moon in Gemini between Saturday 4/9 at 10:59 PM and Tuesday 4/12 at 1:06 AM: Excellent for multi-tasking, curiosity, any form of communication, exchanging information, sending e-mails, calling friends and acquaintances. Great also for social activities, attending conferences, reading a book, watching a documentary, gathering data on various topics, connecting with new people….


Moon in Cancer between Tuesday 4/12 at 1:07 AM and Thursday 4/14 at 6:52 AM: Perfect for family activities, especially those involving children. Good for spending more time at home, cooking, nurturing ourselves and those we love, inviting the people we cherish over for dinner. Excellent also for drawing, creative writing, humor and anything requiring imagination and a touch of craziness….


Moon in Leo between Thursday 4/14 at 6:53 AM and Saturday 4/16 at 4:22 PM: Excellent for anything glamorous, dramatic performances, being in the public’s eye, throwing or attending an elegant party, playing with children, romance and creativity in general…


Moon in Virgo between Saturday 4/16 at 4:23 PM and Tuesday 4/19 at 4:23 AM: Excellent for starting a new fitness program, learning, healthy nutrition, fasting, clearing our closets, cleaning our home, reorganizing our drawers…. Perfect also for detailed work, the focused use of our intelligence, and taking care of small pets….


Moon in Libra between Tuesday 4/19 at 4:24 AM and Thursday 4/21 at 5:16 PM: Great for relationships, associations, diplomatic exchanges with others, anything related to beauty (a haircut, buying new clothes, a make-over…), art (especially painting and decorating…), a pleasant social event (concert, art exhibition…).


Moon in Scorpio between Thursday 4/21 at 5:17 PM and Sunday 4/24 at 5:45 AM: Perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, self-transformation, shamanism, dealing with the mysteries of life, death, and sexuality, as well as insurances and issues involving personal power.


Moon in Sagittarius between Sunday 4/24 at 5:46 AM and Tuesday 4/26 at 4:53 PM: Perfect for traveling, religious and/or philosophical activities or matters related to higher education and the law. Excellent for lecturing, learning, perfecting a foreign language, exploring other cultures… Perfect also for athletic training and tending to large animals (horses….)


* * * * * * * * * * *

This month’s intentional meditation started on Wednesday 3/23 with the Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in Libra. On the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday 4/7, take out your blank full moon charged papers and write on each a concise, positive intention. Place them on a balcony, in a garden or near a window so that they are out by exactly 4:24 AM. Once that moment has passed, staple them together and put them away in a folder expecting the manifestation of all your dreams…


Our next intentional meditation cycle will begin with the Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday 4/21 at exactly 10:24 PM. Take out as many blank sheets as you will have intentions to be charged by the rays of the Full Moon on a balcony, in a garden, or by a window. Once that moment has passed, put them away in a folder until the next New Moon in Taurus on 5/6 at 12:29 PM.

* * * * * *


Tuesday 4/5: Sun Trine Saturn (9:09 AM), Venus enters Aries (9:51 AM till 4/29), Mercury enters Taurus (4:10 PM till June 12)

Our ambitions are served today by seriousness, focus and hard work. We are grounded, practical, have solid boundaries, and are not afraid to put in long hours to finish the tasks at hand. Excellent for establishing ourselves in our chosen career and structuring an existing project. The next 3 weeks could make us impulsive in love, enticing us to fall very passionately and very hard for someone we hardly know. During the next 2 months, we tend to ruminate our decisions and think in pragmatic ways. We express ourselves deliberately and have a greater sensitivity than usual to the needs of the earth.


Wednesday 4/6: Sun Square Pluto (1:10 PM)

Beware of ultimatums and manipulations today. Best to find solutions that work to the benefit of all. Deeply buried issues could come to the surface, allowing us to see and work on aspects of ourselves in need of transformation. The truth of people around us becomes extremely clear and visible.


Saturday 4/9: Sun Conjunct Uranus (2:27 PM)

Plans are likely to be disrupted today in sudden ways. Rerouting proves very freeing and could open us to unexpected new horizons. We wish to strike out in totally different directions, seeking both unusual people and exciting adventures. Our uniqueness is manifested with originality and independence.


Tuesday 4/12: Mercury Sextile Neptune (2:40 AM), Venus Trine Mars (12:17 PM)

An inspiring day for healers, and artists in general. Our intuitive mind is particularly fine-tuned. Wonderful for correcting any mistake we may have made and gain the respect of others for our ethical treatment of information.


Thursday 4/14: Mercury Trine Jupiter (8:27 AM)

We feel confident, full of faith and trust in life. Our communications are solid, expansive, and enthusiastic. Wonderful for long distance traveling, becoming acquainted with a foreign country, culture or religion. Excellent for a business deal, an educational endeavor, a situation involving the law, or financial matters. We approach difficulties in an honest, open and generous manner, ready to do half of the journey towards others.

Sunday 4/17: Mercury Trine Pluto (2:21 AM), Mars turns retrograde (5:14 AM till June 29)

We are able today to X-ray situations and people with great accuracy. Our charisma makes it easy to enlist the cooperation of others. Regarding Mars retrograde, kindly refer to the opening paragraph.

Monday 4/18: Pluto turns retrograde (0:23 AM till September 26), Venus Trine Saturn (7:38 AM)

Regarding Pluto retrograde, kindly refer to the opening paragraph. A relationship begun today grows steadily, becoming deeper with time. A wonderful day for an engagement or a marriage. Our finances are both solid and grounded. Excellent for a sound financial investment.


Tuesday 4/19: the Sun enters Taurus (8:30 AM till May 20th), Venus Square Pluto (1:49 PM)

During the next 4 weeks, life becomes calmer. We feel sensual, closer to earth, and seek a quieter rhythm. Our approach to life is more pragmatic, grounded and solid. We feel a prevailing need to slow down, walk in beauty and smell the roses. Today, more specifically, forcing an issue, manipulating a situation, or becoming uncooperative, could cause the bitter break of a close relationship. Best to lie low and compromise.


Friday 4/22: Venus Conjunct Uranus (2:00 PM)

A socially inspiring day. We could attract, and be drawn, to unusual people walking to the sound of their own drummer. We are likely to suddenly dissociate from boring acquaintances constantly caught in the same dramas. We seek a social life that is adventurous, stimulating and exciting.


Thursday 4/28: Mercury turns retrograde (10:20 AM till May 22)

Regarding Mercury retrograde, kindly refer to the opening paragraph.


Friday 4/29: Venus enters Taurus (5:36 PM till May 23)

During the next 3 weeks, beauty, harmony and peace feel particularly appealing. A wonderful time to take care of our physical needs, offer ourselves a series of massages, improve our personal appearance and spend quality time in nature. Women’s feminine qualities are enhanced, and men become more sensitive to their emotional needs.


Wishing you a wonderful month of April!


In Loving Light.


Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Astrologer, shaman, international conference speaker

Author of Astrology for Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster)



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