2014 Chinese Year of the Wooden Horse

Dearest Friends, Today, January 31st, the New Moon in Aquarius marks in Chinese Astrology the beginning of the year of the Wooden Horse.

After the 2 past years of the Water Dragon and the Metal Snake where so much darkness and corruption came to the surface, majorly de-constructing everything in our lives, pushing us into chaos and forcing us into the depths of the dark night of the soul, even though we are not completely out of the woods yet, this year will bring much needed relief. The trademark of 2014 will be dynamic energy coupled with creativity. The winds of positive change will sweep across our destinies with welcomed new enthusiasm, clarity and hope.

No longer able to compromise with what is not, we shall focus on what is truly important, that brings us in alignment with our true dreams. A year to clear the past, let go of what is broken, no longer serves us or that we don't like, both symbolically and literally. If we stand in our integrity and follow our intuition, projects started this year will bring great success.

A year when we are not allowed to stay at the surface of anything. We shall be challenged to dive with passion into our work, our love for ourselves and others, our commitment to our spiritual path and our life. Collaborations with others will assume a dimension greater than usual. We won't have to do everything on our own. Help will come as we need it, sometimes in ways that are both mysterious and uplifting.

We shall be inspired by thoughts coming seemingly out of nowhere. It will feel as if we are constantly channeling information from higher realms of consciousness. Others will mirror our own subconscious in ways that bring deep philosophical understanding. We shall understand that our words create realities and be particularly mindful to only express appreciation, kindness, respect, gratitude and love.

We could be drawn to dramatically change our path in life, branch out in a completely new career, move, transform certain relationships, leaving the known to follow our dreams. The path ahead may seem uncertain and yet feels exciting in that it enables us to freely experience our uniqueness and discover aspects of our truth that were previously hidden.

Abundance will be created as we trust our inner voice, tap in our own resources and believe in our talents.

Let us create the new with enhanced consciousness and ride the wooden horse with joy!

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.