2015 Overview



Numerologically, this year adds up to 8. The lemniscate. A year of reaching critical mass in the changes that started over a decade ago and reached a peak in December 2012. The real gap between those who chose to ascend and those who didn’t, will become even more apparent this year than in 2014. For those of us who truly have done their inner work with consciousness, miracles will abound, the path will be smoother and freedom will enable us to soar to heights as of yet never imagined.


The Rune for this year is Wunjo “celebration”. The worst is behind us. We have crossed the rainbow bridge and can now rejoice in reaping the results of all our efforts. A time of peace, enchantment, fun and shared laughter, devoid of suffering and sorrow. A year to take the time to honor our past journey and congratulate ourselves for the hardships overcome and the challenges conquered. We have worked hard. We can now appreciate the rewards for all our efforts and trust that the journey ahead is much happier and gratifying.


According to Chinese Astrology, starting on February 19, 2015, till February 7, 2016, we enter the year of the Wooden Sheep. Being the 8th sign of the lunar zodiac, this meeker sign talks of luck, abundance, peace and harmony. This year will be much calmer than the previous years and more fortunate also. Creativity and art are favored. A good period to unite with our spiritual family and weave closer ties with our blood relatives. We are more generous with our time and our finances. Even if money flows more easily, emotions are enhanced, overriding material concerns. Moderation has the last word and most wars and conflicts get resolved peacefully. More active people could feel a little slowed down by this softer energy. This however should come as a great relief  after all the intensity and violence of the Dragon, the Serpent and the Horse. Introspection and inner serenity are the key words for this more quiet year.



As Saturn enters Sagittarius (Dec 214-June 16, 2015/Sep 19, 2015-Dec 2017) many leaders from different faiths will feel the urge to come together and recognize their  oneness. Higher education and schooling in general will come under scrutiny. The importance of expanding our world views, traveling and learning languages will be enhanced. Personal and professional integrity will be essential. The scientific community will be inspired to conscientious intellectual responsibility.  We could start seeing the emergence of political leaders who are also spiritually conscious, open-minded and honest. Moral rigidity, unbending standards, extreme beliefs will bring to a crashing halt all those who choose to continue along those lines.



The last of 7 Uranus Square Pluto which started in June 2012, will be exact on March 16, but felt keenly during the first 4 months of 2015. The light is finally shining at the end of the tunnel. These past 2 years have revealed much darkness, brought to the surface enormous corruption, and unearthed heavy secrets that were buried under many lies.  This has resulted in massive destruction, political upheavals, revolt through extreme measures, social and economic restlessness, violent conditions, major terrorist insurrections and the misuse of nuclear power. The old paradigms are dying with a vengeance and as their days are numbered, they are fighting viciously in a last hope to survive. Even Pachamama our Mother the Earth, is expressing her dis-ease through volcano eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.



At the end of 2015, we shall reach a new major cycle of 2 years that will continue to awaken human consciousness to its divine truth. When Saturn will Square Neptune (November 2015, June-July 2016, September-October 2016), most false appearances seeming real will collapse. The truth will finally set the people free. The death of old illusions could leave many who believed blindly what they had been told, deeply chattered. As those will come to the realization that what they built their lives on, -particularly in the field of religion and even false spirituality-, really were lies, much anger, fear, insecurity and anxiety could arise. To others who will fail to recognize the true nature of the problems being encountered, confusion could ensue and due to well crafted deceit, the challenges could be dealt with particularly ineffectively. Those resorting to unethical practices will however bring self-destruction upon themselves.



Only 4 eclipses in 2015, in Pisces (March 20 at 29ª27’), Libra (April 4 at 14º24’), Virgo (Sep 13 at 20º10’) and Aries (Sep 28 at 4º40’). These 4 dates will be turning points in our personal and collective evolution beyond which life will never be the same. The areas brought into focus are our psychic abilities, enlightenment, mystical consciousness of what lies beyond the veil and oneness, as well as the states of oceans and waters, and the plight of large animals (Pisces), relationships, issues around peace, balance, the masculine and the feminine, beauty (Libra), recycling, service, cleanliness, health and healing, small pets (Virgo), new ventures, new ideas, forceful action that leads us into the future, enabling us to start anew and recreate our reality (Aries).




MARCH 2015


Jupiter Trine Uranus (3/3):

Humanitarian causes are favored. Major educational reforms, a deeper understanding of humanity’s real needs, progressive improvements of world travel conditions, as well as breakthroughs in religious consciousness mark this expansively revolutionary transit.


Saturn turns retrograde (3/14 till 8/1 between 4º55’ Sagittarius and 28º17’ Scorpio):

Issues around government, authority, rules, obligations and duties come to the forefront. Fears, insecurities, secrets, are exposed, requiring that we take full responsibility for the state of society and transform what is not in alignment with our highest truth. We cannot escape the law during this transit, whether human or divine. The consequences of our actions come back to haunt us. Our boundaries and values need to be very clear. Hard work is required to face the challenges at hand. No superficial answer to profound life questions will do at this time. We need to be honest and thorough, with ourselves first, as well as with others.


Uranus Square Pluto (3/16):

Kindly refer to the opening paragraph.


Solar Eclipse at 29º27’ Pisces (3/20):

Kindly refer to the last opening paragraph.



APRIL 2015


Lunar Eclipse at 14º24’ Libra (4/4):

Kindly refer to the last opening paragraph.


Jupiter direct (4/8):

Jupiter who had been retrograde in Leo since December 8, 2014, is finally going direct again. This marks a time of renewed positive expansion, abundance and luck.


Pluto Retrograde (4/16 till Sep 26, 2016 between 15º32’ and 14º55’ Capricorn):

A wonderful time to cleanse and release all that no longer serves us. This could come in the form of a thorough house  cleaning and going through all our closets and drawers. It could also be physical through a major detox program. As well as emotional and spiritual by releasing  circumstances that no longer enrich us and letting go of people who thrive on drama and negativity. A time to go to what is essential and transmute all that blocks our path to self-realization.




JUNE 2015


Neptune Retrograde (6/14 till 11/18 between 9º49’ and  7º01’ Pisces):

A profound time to come to terms with areas of our lives we could be in denial of and face what we have been avoiding. Spiritual consciousness, mysticism, meditation, healing and art are all enhanced during this retrogradation. We  seek peace, balance and beauty. Harsh people or circumstances become particularly offensive at this time. Our sensitivity to noise, pollution, chemicals, alcohol and drugs is intensified, asking of us to release them all from our lives so that we may access more directly the higher frequencies we are yearning for. The world state of waters becomes of great concern. We are drawn to spiritual art and inspiring creativity.


Saturn re-enters Scorpio (6/14 till 9/17):

A thorough dealing with intense inner issues is required. Many unresolved conflicts come to the surface. No stone should be left unturned during this last chance to clear all from our past that no longer serves us.


Jupiter trine Uranus (6/22):

Kindly refer to March 2015.




JULY 2015


Uranus retrograde (7/26 till 12/25 between 20º30’ and 16º33’ Aries):

Powerful urges towards freedom and rebellion emerge suddenly and unexpectedly with this transit. Strange turns, unusual disruptions and major consciousness breakthroughs help us see the truth in a blinding light. A time to move resolutely into the future in an innovative way. New inventions could come to the surface. Strange archeological finds could force us to rewrite our official history. Oppressed people are freed. Slavery is abolished. Circumstances limiting our self-expression and uniqueness are transmuted.





Jupiter Square Saturn (8/3):

Success is achieved through discipline, hard work and persevering in the face of possible adversity. Our strength and resolve are tested by challenges. To see things through the finish line, a balance needs to be struck between optimism and realism. As one door closes, another opens.


Jupiter enters Virgo (8/11 till Sep 9, 2016):

A time of attention to details. We seek practical enlightenment and need to be of service to others. Healing abilities are enhanced. Humility and powers of discrimination are favored. Greater focus is placed on recycling, diet, exercise and staying clear from toxic habits.






Solar Eclipse at 20º16’ Virgo (9/12):

Kindly refer to the last opening paragraph.


Jupiter Opposition Neptune (9/16):

Religious and spiritual conflicts could occur during this transit. False prophets could sound more real than ever and cause spiritually asleep people to believe in them. Wishful thinking, unrealistic dreams, psychic illusions or corrupted channelings could be disruptive to people not grounded enough in their truth. Important to use discernment.


Saturn enters Sagittarius (9/17 till Dec 19, 2017):

Kindly refer to the opening paragraph.


Lunar Eclipse at 4º40’ Aries (9/27):

Kindly refer to the last opening paragraph.






Jupiter Trine Pluto (10/11):

Deep insights into the mysteries of life after death and the spiritual laws of the universe come with this transit. Wonderful changes affect masses of people. Our faith heals us. Many strive to bring good news that inspire and uplift humanity, bringing the best of people. Human rules that do not serve our highest good are transformed.





Saturn Square Neptune (11/26):

Kindly refer to the opening paragraph.



Wishing you a productive and enlightened new 2015 year!


In Loving Light.


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