Newsletter - 2014 Overview

bg.jpgKindly note that the days and times given below are in PDT (Pacific Standard Time). For Rocky Mountain Time (including AZ) add 1 hour. For Central Time, add 2 hours. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours. For Alaskan Time, subtract 1 hour. For Hawaii-Aleutian Time, subtract 2 hours. For Greenwich, add 8 hours. For Central European time (CET) add 9 hours. For Eastern European time (EET), add 10 hours. 2014 is numerologically a 7 year, a year asking us to root ourselves in a more meditative, spiritual consciousness. It will also be the year of the Horse, a very active year, devoid of fear, full of adventures leading to great progress. Cooperation will be the key-word. We will become even more aware of our oneness and want to unite with others to bring new projects into the world with great enthusiasm. A year to listen to our intuition, believe in ourselves and live freely. Courage, excitement, vivaciousness and positivity lead us to great accomplishments.


1/31: Jupiter Opposition Pluto (1:15 AM)

A time to lead by example. The more we take others into account, the more they will trust us. Relinquishing procrastination, facing those areas that may not have been perfect in the past, believing in ourselves, evaluating all that our life until now has brought us to, bring incredible growth and expansion. Optimism, cheerfulness, joy and confidence in our direction protect us from outer forces trying to stifle and control our progress.


2/6-28: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius (1:43 PM)

This retrogradation could bring many old friends back into our lives, giving us a chance to see how far we have come and all that we have achieved. Beliefs that we held in the past are given new meaning. More than ever do we realize how much we can accomplish if we put our forces together. Challenges are considered from various, seemingly opposing views, enabling us to find multi-layered and multi-dimensional solutions that benefit the greater good. A time of creative thinking and progressive actions that integrate a deep consciousness of more subtle vibrations.

2/25: Pluto Sextile Chiron (2:29 PM), Jupiter Square Uranus (11:29 PM)

Even though the time has not yet come to see them, beneficial changes are around the corner. Big expectations and erratic behavior could stand in the way of all that is about to reveal itself. We need to continue believing that there is a reason to the madness and that no matter how challenging things may seem right now, there is great hope. We are still caught in the process of major transformations which could send some imbalanced people down the deep end. It is essential that we remain poised through it all. Traveling, studying philosophy, exploring the deep wisdom of ancient cultures, will eventually lead us to freedom from the control of outmoded structures.


3/2-7/20: Saturn retrograde in Scorpio (8:18 AM)

The next 5 months are requiring of us to look closely at our ambitions, but also all the duties, obligations and responsibilities that define our lives. A time to clearly discriminate and understand what is essential and what is not, and to stand in our power with grace and strength. Governements could transform. Corruptions and lies could be brought to public attention. False authorities could be exposed. A time when individual and collective facades are being severely tested, forcing the truth to come out.

3/6 (since 11/7/2013): Jupiter turns Direct (2:41 AM)

During the past five months, our relationship to money has been tested. How much did we give power to a job or a person, -all forces outside of ourselves-, to bring us prosperity? By now we should be clear that abundance only comes from within. It is our perception of ourselves, our direct connection to the divine that creates material and spiritual wealth. Everything of value in the world has always started with a perception, a vision, a thought. Empires have been built on a single idea backed by a strong emotion and the persistence in believing in that dream. Our inner resources can now help us expand into the world and create the magic we were meant to embody.


4/14-9/22: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (3:47 PM), LUNAR ECLIPSE in Libra (11:46 PM)

During the next 5 months, governments are tested, authority figures are being scrutinized, big corporations based on greed and abuse are exposed. On a personal level, we have to again go deeply within and make strong choices for our own lives. It is not a time to weakly go with the flow, but a time to discriminate and become extra clear on what we stand for. This lunar eclipse is forcing us to examine our relationships to see how balanced and harmonious they are. The equilibrium between the masculine and the feminine forces in the world are likely to be brought into focus. Discrimination and abuse of women could become in certain countries, more strongly denounced than usual.

4/19: Jupiter Square Uranus (11:28 PM)

Changes could occur differently and not in the places where we expect them. if we remain calm through all the shifts and welcome them with flexibility, we shall be rerouted for the better. We could be placed in unforeseen circumstances while traveling. An old friend could act in surprising ways. There could be sudden twists of fortune which could fall either way. Losses and gains are volatile. If we can take both philsophically, we won't feel like we are on a roller-coaster. We could want to impulsively rebel against the past and break free from limitations, but the consequences could be more damageable than just staying present to the moment and allowing the vision of our future to unfold and reveal itself to us, one step at a time.

4/20: Jupiter Opposition Pluto (3:25 PM)

Kindly refer to January.

4/21: Uranus Square Pluto (11:20 AM)

The 5th of 7 such transits that began in June 2012 and will end in March 2015. Changing conditions could be met across the world with much resistance. In our personal life, we could be faced with marked uncooperation from others. Anything that is not in alignment with our highest destiny is now being challenged. Whether it is our job, our financial situation, our relationships or our life purpose, everything needs to be scrutinized so that no area of darkness remains hidden. Any reservation, any sense that something is not quite right or that we shouldn't engage in a certain association, needs to be closely respected. Committing to the wrong people or the wrong causes could prove devastating in the future by bringing us on a road that is very difficult to backtrack from. This is also a time to fearlessly know our power, be conscious of our intuition and act accordingly.

4/28: SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus (10:04 PM)

An interest in wealth, acquisition of property, land, mining and agriculture could manifest. We are likely to become resourceful in creating financial abundance with our skills and talents. We could be drawn to the  earth and wish to learn more about having our own vegetables, or if we don't have the luxury of a garden, at the very least, start growing herbs in our kitchen. Flowers could feel particularly attractive in the next few months. Even if not rich, we will want to create an atmosphere of opulence around us. Our relationship to our physical body comes to the forefront, requiring that we pay attention to its real needs.


5/24: Jupiter Trine Saturn (9:46 AM)

A time where the inner and outer are in great balance. We handle responsibilities, duties and obligations with poise, consciousness and cheerful optimism. Our financial situation is stable and grounded. We are able to further our ambitions with serenity, efficiency and self-control.


6/7-7/1: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini (3:56 AM)

The next 3 weeks help us reconsider our home base and strengthen our ties with family members, whether biological or chosen at a soul level. We could want to spend more time at home redecorating it so that it feels nurturing and welcoming. Old friends are likely to show up. Our social life could become more intense than usual. We could feel bombarded by information and realize that we know quite a lot on many varied topics that we wish to share with others. Our curiosity is more open than usual. Great for home renovations, family reunions, writing, speaking and short, exciting travels.

6/9- 11/15: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (11:49 AM)

The world could become quite concerned with the state of its oceans. There could also be issues with oil and the necessity to protect marine life. During the next 5 months, sound healing and its other practical applications could greatly develop. Channelings could reveal unusual scenarios, our dreams at night could be particularly vivid and our meditations, intense. As the veil between dimensions becomes quite transparent, spiritual healing could occur more easily. Unbalanced people could however become even more unbalanced and fall prey to spiritual imagination. Artists are likely to be particularly inspired.


7/1: Mercury turns Direct (4:49 AM)

Kindly refer to June.

7/16- 8/11/2015: Jupiter enters Leo (2:30 AM)

During the next 3 weeks, we could feel more generous, expansive, playful and creative than usual. As we feel the spirit of adventurousness blowing in our hair, caution could be thrown to the winds. If we don't fall prey to excesses and remain centered in our heart and some measure of common sense, our horizons are likely to open in magnificent ways. We could rediscover our artistic talents, become more creative in every area of our lives and discover how we can derive great financial abundance from our talents. We could place more efforts in our physical appearance and seek more glamour in our social encounters.

7/20: Saturn turns Direct (12:35 PM)

Kindly refer to March

7/21- 12/21: Uranus Retrograde  in Aries (6:52 PM)

Much clearing continues to occur in the world. Rebellions could emerge. Freedom could be demanded. There could be sudden, unexpected separations between people. New inventions that are of help to humanity could be revisited. During the next 5 months, a lot of social unrest and chaos could be shaking society. This is all part of the old leaving ungracefully and hanging on to its control with a vengence.


8/5: Saturn Trine Chiron (8:11 AM)

The light is at the end of the tunnel. A solidifying time when we are absolutely determined that we shall survive no matter what the external challenges may be. We are so grounded in our truth that we know we have the strength to carry on and be victorious and we shall! Our inner light transmutes whatever was not of it in the past, thus creating a solid foundation for the rest of our journey.


9/22: Pluto turns Direct (4:35 PM)

Kindly refer to April.


9/25: Jupiter Trine Uranus (10:18 AM)

A wonderful time for change, projects, new beginnings, and reinventing ourselves with freedom. Old limiting circumstances do not hold the same power on us that they used to. We need mental and spiritual stimulation.  Change and growth are seen as blessings and greeted with a spirit of gratitude. Sudden, unexpected financial gain could be bestowed upon us. A trip that wasn't planned could prove particularly beneficial and open us to exciting new horizons. Great projects can develop with dynamic old and new friends. Businesses expand beneficially. Investments in technology prove to be quite lucrative.


With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and the two eclipses in Aries and Scorpio, this month strangely mirrors what happened in October-November 2013. As if a deeper level of intensity and going through the dark night of the soul were again being required of us. A time of cleansing, clearing the old, reorganizing and becoming certain of what we know and who we are in our truth.

10/4-25: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra (9:02 AM)

A time to reflect deeply on our lives, leaving no stone unturned. We could feel the need to go through a major detoxification on a mental, emotional and even physical level. The truth of certain people around us could be revealed. Manipulations, control issues, ego and power games, could become so obvious, so easily, that we are able to neutralize them before they even threaten to submerge us. Intense on one level, this period also brings to us a deep need for harmony, peace, balance and beauty.

10/8: LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries (2:55 AM)

The last series of eclipses of the year, re-opens a powerful cosmic portal that we already went through once in October-November 2013. All the anger, agressivity, violence, negativity, impulsiveness that are still residing on earth, are emerging with great force to be cleared. A time when we need to examine the motivations behind our actions and more than ever feel with our heads and think with our hearts. The clearing of the old is at stake. A time to start anew and be clear on what no longer serves our highest good.

10/23: SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio (1:45 PM)

This eclipse marks the end of the major turning point that began with Mercury retrograde. It forces us to go very deep within to find answers. The rememberance of wisdoms gained in initiations gone through in other incarnations, could flood our consciousness. It could feel like the opening of a time-capsule that allows us to place in a metaphysical context, the intensity of what we are transforming both within ourselves and in the world. Whatever we encounter during this month is of profound significance for our personal life and the collective. A time when we are touching the core of our being.


11/15: Neptune turns Direct (11:05 PM)

Kindly refer to June.



12/8-4/8/2015: Jupiter Retrograde in Leo (12:40 PM)

During the next 8 months, we want to live abundantly. We could become concerned with wealth and how to draw prosperity to ourselves. Expressing ourselves creatively could become particularly important to us. Our inner child could emerge with force, requesting that we play more and shine our light in the world. Places and  activities of glamour could be more attractive than usual. We seek the limelight, to live fearlessly and to expand our hearts with great generosity.

12/14: Uranus Square Pluto (9:13 PM)

Kindly refer to April.

12/21: Uranus turns Direct (2:44 PM)

Kindly refer to July.

12/23 - 6/16/2015: Saturn enters Sagittarius (8:33 AM)

During the next 6 months, our integrity is tested. We need to be extra responsible for all our emotions, thoughts, words and deeds. A strong sense of purpose is required of us. A time to know what we know, make our actions match our philosphy of life, and learn from other cultures, different religions. Embracing new ideals, exploring ancient concepts, grounds our life in greater depths. There is a sense of great power in knowledge and a desire to hear the wisdom of Sages of times past. We are more respectful of tradition and our awareness of the importance of performing ceremonies bringing together various lineages is enhanced.

Wishing you the best end to 2013 and the most magical new year 2014!