November 3, 2013, Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2On November 3, at exactly 4:50 AM  PDT (CA time) we shall experience the last eclipse of 2013. It is exceptionally intense. Not only does it occur in Scorpio, but Mercury is still retrograde in that sign and that day, the Uranus Square Pluto aspect that started in  June 2012 and which will not end until March 2015, out of 7, is coming to exactitude for the 4th time. This chart is talking about major upheaval in our lives. Whatever was no longer fully working for us, will just burst open and become unbearable. We could feel a need for major physical and emotional detoxification. Very dark dreams could surface, forcing us to cleanse not only our own subconscious but also the collective. We could ask ourselves deep questions about our purpose, our direction in life, the meaning of what we do on a daily basis and  in needing to be true to ourselves, we could choose to leave the old in favor of the unknown.

We cannot afford to stay at the surface of our own lives anymore. No stone should be left unturned. Eclipses always mark points beyond which, life will never the same ever again, but this one, goes even more profoundly in that direction. We are clearing our karma, releasing ourselves from ancient fears and insecurities and leaving the violence, the negativity and the pain so that we may be reborn from our ashes into the power of who we really are in our divinity.

Symbolic death and transformation at a DNA level are upon us. We could wake up feeling in unfamiliar surroundings. Things that previously made sense, ambitions that motivated our actions, people we used to hang out with, movies we were able to watch at some point, books that we used to like, could all of a sudden become meaningless. We are truly stripping ourselves of old conditionings as well as false ideas about ourselves and stepping into a truth that is deeper, wider, more powerful than anything we could ever have imagined.

On the world scene, major social unrest could manifest. Rebellions could begin. Corruptions could become more visible than ever. Manipulations and power games could be exposed. The only way out of the chaos is by choosing enlightenment. An enlightened being cannot be controlled.

A major cosmic portal began with the first eclipse on October 18, amplified by Mercury turning retrograde on October 21 which will remain so until November 10 with a shadow period (the time it takes Mercury to return to the degree and minute it started its retrogradation on) lasting until November 26. These 5 weeks are all about purification, letting go, throwing away what just creates clutter in our closets, clearing the past, becoming extremely organized, serious about our evolution and committed to our highest good. We cannot afford to compromise with our integrity in any way, on any level. What are our values? What do we truly believe in? What do we stand for? Where is our own power? What do we choose for ourselves that assists the re-creation of our lives on a purer, sounder basis? This is our chance to determine our own destiny. Let us choose well!