Newsletter - September 2013

RUNE OF THE MONTH: Berkana "Right Action".

RUNE OF THE MONTH: Berkana "Right Action". The feeling gives the meaning, the meaning gives the word and the word determines manifestations. It is most important to remember that words, thoughts and feelings carry vibrations that create or destroy. Dr Emoto proved this fact with his crystal pictures. Even if in the short term, we may not see any result of random acts of kindness, eventually, our loving actions will be rewarded a thousand-fold in sometimes unexpected but perfect ways.


Uranus remains retrograde this whole month.

Its shadow period remains until April 3, 2014. The degrees it travels this month (11º45'-10º40' Aries) are represented in the Sabian Symbols by: "The Ruler of a nation" and "A triangularly shaped flight of geese". Geese always take turns in leading the flock to warmer climates. If a goose becomes ill or is injured, it is never left alone. Its mate or another goose will descend with it and remain by its side until it either recovers or dies. This is a reminder that we are now at a time in our evolution where we are supported by like spirited beings. It is time to acknowledge our leadership and if we don't feel ready to lead others, rejuvenate while we allow others to navigate us out of troubled waters into clear skies.

Neptune remains retrograde this whole month until November 13.

The shadow period (period of time until it reaches the exact same degree it started its retrogration on) extends until March 4, 2014. The degrees it travels in August (3º49'-3º06' Pisces) is represented in the Sabian Symbols by: "Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts". If we understand that spiritually we are all One, all our thoughts, all our feelings affect the whole of humanity. The more communication we have with one another, the more we heighten our frequency, the more influence we have on the general direction of planetary evolution. Every word, every thought, every feeling count.

Pluto continues turns direct on September 20.

The shadow period lasts until January 2014. This month, its retrogation goes from from 9º05' to 8º59' Capricorn. These degrees are symbolized in the Sabian Symbols by the following image: "An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor" and "An Angel carrying a harp". Albatross is the bird which symbolically helps us find new ways out of chaos. It has tremendous resilience and is associated with independence, stamina, and faith. This degree is a very hopeful one, showing that the calmer we stay, the more open-minded we are, the easier it is to ride the changes with grace. The power is within us. As we connect to higher realms and know that we are not alone in this major transition humanity is going through, we shall be free from all that is not real. We are never alone. Even if unseen, Angels with the music of the spheres, soften our path and create new pathways for us to tread more elegantly, in a deeper peace.


The Moon will be Void of Course

(V/O –forming no major aspect with any planet before entering the following sign-):

  • From Tuesday 9/3 at 10:52 AM till Wednesday 9/4 at 3:43 AM: when the Moon enters Virgo.
  • On Friday 9/6 between 3:10 AM and 12:12 PM: when the Moon enters Libra.
  • On Sunday 9/8 between 1:46 PM and 6:44 PM: when the Moon enters Scorpio.
  • On Tuesday 9/10 between 2:21 AM and 11:36 PM: when the Moon enters Sagittarius.
  • From Thursday 9/10 at 10:08 AM till Friday 9/11 at 2:56 M: when the Moon enters Capricorn.
  • From Saturday 9/14 at 4:17 PM till Sunday 9/15 at 5:05 AM: when the Moon enters Aquarius.
  • From Monday 9/16 at 1:19 AM till Tuesday 9/17 at 6:58 AM: when the Moon enters Pisces.
  • On Thursday 9/19 between 4:13 AM and 9:58 AM: when the Moon enters Aries.
  • From Friday 9/20 at 6:25 PM till Saturday 9/21 at 3:33 PM: when the Moon enters Taurus.
  • From Monday 9/23 at 0:13 AM till Tuesday 9/24 at 0:34 AM: when the Moon enters Gemini.
  • On Thursday 9/26 between 4:21 AM and 12:24 PM: when the Moon enters Cancer.
  • On Sunday 9/29 between 0:30 AM and 0:57 AM: when the Moon enters Leo.
  • From Monday 9/30 at 9:48 PM till Tuesday 10/1 at 11:52 AM: when the Moon enters Virgo.

Mark these periods in red in your calendar and avoid scheduling anything of importance during these times as they would amount to… Nothing!


Scheduling our activities using the zodiacal position of the Moon

Moon in Leo between Sunday 9/1 at 5:01 PM and Wednesday 9/4 at 3:42 AM + between Sunday 9/29 at 0:57 AM and Tuesday 10/1 at 11:51 AM:

Excellent for anything glamorous, dramatic performances, being in the public's eye, throwing or attending an elegant party, playing with children, romance and creativity in general…

Moon in Virgo between Wednesday 9/4 at 3:43 AM and Friday 9/6 at 12:11 PM:

Excellent for starting a new fitness program, learning, healthy nutrition, fasting, clearing our closets, cleaning our home, reorganizing our drawers…. Perfect also for detailed work, the focused use of our intelligence, and taking care of small pets….

Moon in Libra between Friday 9/6 at 12:12 PM and Sunday 9/8 at 6:43 PM:

Great for relationships, associations, diplomatic exchanges with others, anything related to beauty (a haircut, buying new clothes, a make-over…), art (especially painting and decorating…), a pleasant social event (concert, art exhibition…).

Moon in Scorpio between Sunday 9/8 at 6:44 PM and Tuesday 9/10 at 11:35 PM:

Perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, self-transformation, shamanism, dealing with the mysteries of life, death, and sexuality, as well as insurances and issues involving personal power.

Moon in Sagittarius between Tuesday 9/10 at 11:36 PM and Friday 9/13 at 2:55 AM:

Perfect for traveling, religious and/or philosophical activities or matters related to higher education and the law. Excellent for lecturing, learning, perfecting a foreign language, exploring other cultures… Perfect also for athletic training and tending to large animals (horses….)

Moon in Capricorn between Friday 9/13 at 2:56 AM and Sunday 9/15 at 5:04 AM:

Good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a promotion, enlisting the support of people in positions of authority, making a good impression, re-structuring our business and redefining our long-term goals…

Moon in Aquarius between Sunday 9/15 at 5:05 AM and Tuesday 9/17 at 6:57 AM:

Perfect for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances. Good also for inventions, far out, progressive ideas, inter-dimensional and time travel, anything related to UFOs, computers and technology in general….

Moon in Pisces between Tuesday 9/17 at 6:58 AM and Thursday 9/19 at 9:57 AM:

Great for meditating, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, dancing, painting, swimming, dreaming, music, photography, film, sleeping, channeling, connecting with the mystical, the magic and the oneness of all that is…

Moon in Aries between Thursday 9/19 at 9:58 AM and Saturday 9/21 at 3:32 PM:

Perfect for intense physical activities, anything requiring forceful, direct action and self-assertion. Good also for leadership, spontaneity, good will, being a way shower, initiating new projects or bringing our car to the mechanic….

Moon in Taurus between 9/21 at 3:33 PM and Tuesday 9/24 at 0:33 AM:

Perfect for any financial matter: paying our bills/debts, asking for the money that is owed to us, investing in real estate, buying and selling. Perfect also for a stroll in the park, going to the countryside, connecting with our Mother the Earth… Good also for gardening, pottery, sculpting, as well as bodywork…

Moon in Gemini between Tuesday 9/24 at 0:34 AM and Thursday 9/26 at 12:23 PM:

Excellent for multi-tasking, curiosity, any form of communication, exchanging information, sending e-mails, calling friends and acquaintances. Great also for social activities, attending conferences, reading a book, watching a documentary, gathering data on various topics, connecting with new people….

Moon in Cancer between Thursday 9/26 at 12:24 PM and Sunday 9/29 at 0:56 AM:

Perfect for family activities, especially those involving children. Good for spending more time at home, cooking, nurturing ourselves and those we love, inviting the people we cherish over for dinner. Excellent also for drawing, creative writing, humor and anything requiring imagination and a touch of craziness….


Our Intentional Meditation

Our intentional meditation started on Tuesday 8/20 with the Full Moon in Aquarius.

On the New Moon in Virgo on Thursday 9/5, take out your blank full moon charged papers and write on each a concise, positive intention. Place them on a balcony, in a garden or near a window so that they are out at exactly 4:36 AM (you can put them out up to several hours prior to that time). Once that moment has passed (even if several hours later, or the next morning), staple them together and put them away in a folder expecting the manifestation of all your dreams…

On Thursday 9/19, place as many blank sheets as you will have intentions out to be charged by the Full Moon in Pisces at exactly 4:13 AM. Once that moment has passed, put them away in a folder until the next New Moon in Libra on Friday October 4 at 5:34 PM.


Sunday 9/1: Sun Trine Pluto (1:43 AM)

Our power, dignity, authority, self-confidence and aura of leadership elicit cooperative responses from others. A day to elegantly transmute what is keeping us from our highest good.

Saturday 9/7: Sun Sextile Jupiter (6:47 AM)

One of the luckiest days of the year. Our self-confidence, optimism, open mindedness and faith in life open many doors. Our positive attitude attracts great opportunities. We seek philosophical and adventurous friends.

Monday 9/9: Mercury enters Libra (0:07 AM till 9/29 at 4:37 AM), Mars Square Saturn (4:06 AM)

During the next 3 weeks, we express ourselves diplomatically, in fairness and balance. We seek peace and harmony. Art, elegance, beauty are all very appealing. Wonderful for artists and pleasant social activities. Today, more specifically, responsibilities could feel heavier than usual. An injustice could cause bitterness that is best alleviated by putting all our efforts into furthering our goals and ambitions with hard work and discipline.

Tuesday 9/10: Venus enters Scorpio (11:16 PM till 10/7 at 10:53 AM)

During the next month, nothing in our emotions is lukewarm. We love passionately and with intensity. Our understanding of our romantic relationship deepens. The way we express our creativity changes. We are able to X-ray situations and people and see through the lies and smoke-screens.

Friday 9/13: Pluto turns direct (8:27 AM), Saturn Sextile Pluto (10:18 PM)

Regarding Pluto turning direct, kindly refer to the opening paragraph. Today, more specifically, our quiet determination helps us work around the limitations imposed by circumstances or coercive people. Standing in our power, with serenity and clarity strengthens our position.

Sunday 9/22: Sun enters Libra (1:44 PM till 10/22 at 11:09 PM)

During the next month, we seek peace, harmony and beauty. Balance of the masculine and the feminine within and in our relationships, brings serenity. We are drawn to art and elegance. Wonderful for beauty treatments, changing our wardrobe, art and pleasant social activities.

Thursday 9/26: Venus Trine Jupiter (2:01 PM)

Our faith in the goodness of life permeates all our activities. Elegance, optimism and generosity infuse our social interactions. Feelings of appreciation and gratitude as well as random acts of kindness and gifts bring warmth to our hearts. Wonderful for an adventurous and fun date.

Saturday 9/28: Venus Square Mars (6:32 AM)

Honesty and calm help dissolve emotional barriers. Romantic frustrations are best dealt with patience. A day to balance the masculine and the feminine within ourselves, and truly understand how they complement each other.

Sunday 9/29: Mercury enters Scorpio (4:38 AM till Dec 4 at 6:41 PM)

During the next 2 months, we could feel as if in an obsessive spiral while searching for the truth. A time to be in full integrity with ourselves and leave no stone unturned in our inner work. Thoughts that no longer serve us could come to the surface for transformation. We could distance ourselves from people who no longer seem to match our frequency, while others much more in alignment with our vibration, step into our daily life. Metaphysical topics, the unveiling of secrets, recent scientific discoveries and strange archeological finds could stimulate our imagination and make us look for deeper answers to our questions.