October 18, 2013, Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 1Lunar Eclipse October 18, 2013 at 4:38 PM PDT A huge cosmic portal is opening today that will close with the Solar Eclipse on November 3. Let us take advantage of this special corridor in time to transmute all that no longer serves our higher purpose. During the next 3 weeks, negativity, fear, doubts can be cleared in a huge way.

Drastic and irreversible changes are underway. The destruction of the old paradigms is freeing us to truly become divine beings having a divine experience. We are needing to learn detachment and to expand our vision to go beyond our consciousness of the purely material. Opportunities come in the form of financial, physical, emotional and/or spiritual crises forcing us to tap into our inner resources to assert all that we really are.

Our psychic abilities and spiritual guidance are particularly heightened by this eclipse. We could be drawn to mystical travels that help us remember our many parallel realities. Dreams are particularly vivid. They enable us to re-interpret our memories in a new light that frees us from old conditionings.

There is a seriousness of thought and personal expression. We need our exchanges with others to be meaningful and serious. Our minds are disciplined and focused. We want deep answers to our questions and are unlikely to stay at the surface of any relevant matter.

Love relationships are also shifting to allow space for the individuality of each person to shine. A new philosophical understanding of how to relate to others that balances intimacy and freedom, is developing.

Our actions are also more sensitive to others and respectful of their needs. We innately understand that what one does necessarily affects another.

This eclipse opens the door to the flow of generosity that comes from sharing what we know and what we have with others.  A strong sense of integrity strengthens our responsibility towards the world.